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Floating Problems

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    04-28-2010, 12:52 AM
Floating Problems

I just got a new horse and she is perfect in every way except floating, when I bought her they told me she had never been floated only trucked. But we put her in the float the other day and she went on fairly well but then we put the bum bar on and were just lifting the tail gate when she started freaking out and kicking and she wouldnt stop, when we finally managed to get her out she'd bashed her back legs up, and the only way we can float her is if we remove the divider and the bum bars and even then she seems scared. So if you have any ideas to get her used to the bumbars or something let me know! Lol
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    04-28-2010, 07:17 AM
Green Broke
I think she just need to get used to the float. Attatch it to a car and leave it in the paddock maybe start feeding her in it so she gets to know the float as a nice environment.
I am no expert but it's a suggestion maybe more experianced people can offer help as well.
    04-28-2010, 07:33 AM
Do you have anywhere you can attach a bucket of grain, or perhaps a haynet? When I was still having troubles trailering, my mare would be totally fine with getting on and being tied up, but as soon as I stepped off the trailer she'd start freaking out. She always ignored the haynet, but I then put a bucket of grain in the trailer with her and she's never had a problem since because she's too focused on eating.

If she's only been trailered once before, chances are she's just not used to it. Take her in there as much as you possibly can-if she freaks out when you go to close it up, don't do that. Just stand in there for a while with her and then back her off. Keep any doors and windows open. Lots and lots and lots of times. The more you do it, the more it'll seem like no big deal to her. Eventually move up to shutting the door and leaving her in there, but she may right now, like my horse did, feel that you are abandoning her when you leave and then they get claustrophobic and scared. We only have an open stock trailer, so I've never had to use bum bars or anything like that, but I imagine she just feels confined and trapped in them, and that's why she's scared.
    04-28-2010, 05:29 PM
I agree with other folks' advice. You might also consider having another horse nearby. I don't think I'd risk putting the horse in the trailer with her until you feel she is safer, but is there a way you can have the horse in view/ at her head while you put the butt bar up, etc? Perhaps an escape door or window (just make sure there is no way that your mare could get through the escape door)! In the meantime, make sure she has a head bumper and some sort of leg protection on her while you practice!

Perhaps also consider trying a slant load trailer instead of a straight load if you have access to one. You never know, it could be less scary for her?? You could also perhaps try a larger trailer---this might make it safer to try actually loading another horse in the trailer with her and may not feel as scary/claustrophobic---just make sure that if you do use a horse that it is unshakeable in the trailer and would not be spooked or in harm's way should your mare panic---i.e. Perhaps leave a stall in between them or have them face each other (this would be a really large 6 or 8 horse trailer where the horses load on the side). If you don't have access to a horse like this, don't use a horse!

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