Flying Lead Changes and Sliding Stops

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Flying Lead Changes and Sliding Stops

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    08-17-2009, 06:02 PM
Flying Lead Changes and Sliding Stops

I have a 6 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding (Spirit) and I was wondering what I wanted to teach him when he was ready. I started thinking about Sliding Stops and Flying Lead changes and Spinning (like reiners do).

Do you think, that I could teach him that (I mean, with the right training, trainer, and stuff like that). I'm not looking at professional level stuff, just is he able to do it with his build and his gaits and stuff???

I don't have in a Walking Horse bit, I have him in an Eggbutt Snaffle, so he no longer flat walks, running walks, and trots, he paces now (I wanted that, he's like a normal horse only with a much smoother 'trot')

Another question for like trainers and dressage people and people that know a lot more than me . . . I've heard that the flying lead changes (where they change lead every stride) is extremely hard to master (DUH) and that only a select number of like elite horses can do that. Now I wouldn't want him to do that for the entire length of the arena or even half, I was just wondering if HE COULD possibly (with the right training and in time) be able to do flying lead changes kinda like that (maybe for like 4 strides or whatever)???

Of course all the training takes time and training and dedication and consistancy and whatnot, I'm just trying to see if he could possibly be able to do that at some point in his life.

Heres a pic :

This was the beginning of summer but it's good for like looking and his conformation and stuff if you need too
Small Spirit Conformation.jpg
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    08-17-2009, 07:56 PM
I think any horse could learn what you want to teach him, and like you said, as long as he has the right training, he should be good to go. =]
    08-17-2009, 10:03 PM
Sliding stops, spins, and the "skipping" flying lead changes are fairly easy to teach, they just take a LOT of repetition and patience for you to be able to work at the horse's pace. When you think about it, they're just higher, more refined performance levels of basic skills.

When you start training him for them, just pay attention to his athletic abilities and whether or not his body is capable of doing it. It's not that they can't learn to do that stuff. Sometimes they just don't have the athleticism to perform them easily without hurting themselves.
    08-17-2009, 10:13 PM
Any horse can do any low level discipline - it is when conformation plays a big part in the horses abillity to do so, and how sound they remain while doing it. So in sense - regardless of the training you put into them, it all lays on their conformation being able to do so without breaking down.

I'd be concerned about his hips and his strait shoulder when asking him to do these high strenuous movements - if you want to get into dressage, I would look at a horse that is more built for dressage.

He is a beautiful horse, your Tennesee Walker - but I would stick to just enjoying him on the trails and doing low level stuff.

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