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    06-25-2008, 10:37 AM
free longing

Free longing, seems easy for the trained horse. For the backyard horse where you just jump on and ride is not so easy. We started off longing him on a line. He does pretty well in voice commands with a little tug of the bit. When we start to free longe him without the line he with go in circles just fine but when we give him a voice command it seems like he is thinking yeah right. Any tips?
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    06-25-2008, 10:53 AM
Two words: Body Language!
Remember that your body and eyes point at the area you want to influence, just as if you were in the saddle. Make sure that when you're driving the horse forward, you should have your eyes and body pointed towards the horse's barrel, where your legs would lie. If you want the horse to move off its hindquarters, you focus on the hindquarters. If you want the horse to slow down or stop, I find that turning around and walking backwards in front of the horse's path works wonders. Reinforce each action with strong verbal commands.
On that note, make sure your verbal commands are different in pitch and tempo. Horses don't really understand individual words, instead they listen to pitch, tone and tempo. For walk, I have two different methods - if you want the horse to walk on from a halt, or walk faster, say "walk on" in a fairly low and flat tone, but with a little energy. If you want the horse to slow to a walk from a trot or canter, say, in a low and slow voice "waaaaaaalllllllkkkk," dropping pitch through the middle of the word. For trot, make your voice energetic and chipper, with a nice pleasant tone, "terr-ot!" For the canter, I keep my voice energetic and say "up, up!"
Hope this helps!
    06-25-2008, 11:19 AM
What I did and it worked really well is! When you are lunging in a round pen or on a lunge line is, When she's walking tell her to walk over and over, tell her when she's doing that she's a good girl. After a few minutes of walking and calling out that command. You want her to learn to switch to another command. So flick your whip or throw your rope behind the horse for pressure. Now when your doing this start to cluck and tell her to trot. When she gets into a trot let off pressure and continue to tell her to trot and she's a good girl. Do this for a few mins and try to get him to go back into a walk while telling her in a low voice to walk. Now after a few rounds of this try to throw a switch direction and a few whoas in. After she does these things really good try to teach her to canter(I make a kissing noise when I want my horse to canter)

I hope that helps and also this won't work really fast, it took my horse like 2 months working every day with her.
    06-25-2008, 03:02 PM
Green Broke
Have you tried useing a lunge whip? You could ask for the command, kiss, and crack the whip. You could see if that works.

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