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Funny Falls

Hello, all,
In and amongst the training talk and tough lingo, I thought we could all use a good laugh. I'm not sure if this is the right section to do it in, but it seems to kind of fit the training bill? Anyways, don't boo me out of here.
Post your stories of funny falls!! I'll even go first:

I've fallen off many a time off of just about any size of horse, but my recent favorite was when I was learning how to jump up on a horse bareback. I've always wanted to just be able to gracefully pop up onto a horse, so this guy decided to teach me how. He can jump up onto a 17hh horse, so I figured he was the best to learn from - and was he ever! He started me off on this fat little Fjord pony that could have a firecracker stuck under his tail and he wouldn't care.. well anyways, appearantly I hadn't been using my elbows properly to get the right impulsion to propel myself upwards, because when I tried his way, I made it all the way up... and over. I hit head-first on the other side of the pony. This guy and the pony both looked at me funny and they both seemed to be laughing. Of course, only my ego was hurt (I just about peed myself laughing as well, mind you!) and to this day I have problems getting up on a horse bareback...

The lovely images above provided by CVLC Photography
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It wasn't really runny at the time, but when my gelding was four I decided to very inteligently take him out for a ride bareback in a very soft hackamore, and then even more inteligently asked him to canter on a wide open road while I was riding alongside my husnands wheeler. When that was all lovely until my horse kept going faster and faster, and I had absolutely no way to stop him. When he had gone about a mile, and I saw some approaching trees I decided it was time to cut my losses and jump off (my horse was heading toward home). I got myself all prepped to jump, threw myself to one side of him holding mane, looking for a good spot to jump at somewhere around 40 mph, and then pushed away from his body. I rolled, head over heels four or five times, and landed in the only gravel patch in a grassy field. My mouth was packed with dirt, my arms cut up, the wind knocked out of me, I was kneeling on all fours trying to breath, and when my husband and my little 11 year old sister in law caught up on the wheeler, my sister in law said, "you look like a hillbilly". When I could breathe, we laughed.

Needless to say, I no longer ride my youngsters with the bareback and soft hackamore combo on open trail at a canter until I have a strong training foundation and knowledge of their tendencies first. (my stallion, who is now five, would not take of in that situation if his life depended on it!!) It takes everything I have to keep him at a canter on the trail most days :)

Anyway, looking back - I find the story funny now - and just think of it as a learning experience, but I sure was scared at the time!!
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well mine wasnt funny at the time either but i laugh when i watch the video now. i was at my first ever ODE. i was about 18 at the time. i headed out on the cross country course as confident as can be because although i had an ottb that was still learning dressage, he loved to jump. he would jump absolutely anything and had never refused a jump. we flew around the first half of the course without a hitch and both of us were feeling really good. jump 7 was one of those jumps where you have a jump, it goes down into the water, across and up the side and over another jump (the name of this jump escapes me). anyways, we were coming up to the jump really well and i had no need to think he wouldnt jump it as he loved water as well.

but no, this day he stopped dead. completely unready for this i went over the front of him landed on the jump with the middle of my back and kinda lay hanging over the jump for a second. my horse seemed to want to help so he seemingly "nudged" me forwards over the jump. because i had had the wind knocked out of me i had little to work with resistance wise and end up rolling head over toe all the way down to the water. the first roll seemed to hang for a while and in the video you can see me doing a momentary headstand with my legs in the air before rolling over with a thud and continuing down the hill i was a mess of arms and legs flying everywhere.

i got up ever so gracefully (NOT :)) covered in mud, breathing hard and feeling very embarassed. i also had a little blood trickling down my cheek from a small gash i got on my forehead. but, at the other side, my horse was waiting. was almost like he had come around to meet me so we could keep going. so i did! we finished the course with many penalties, needless to say. one of the judges came up to me afterwards and commended me for finishing the course all the while trying to to laugh at the ridiculous sight of me with my mud encrusted hair and face with just a touch of blood mixed in lol unfortunately there were no showers for me to clean up with so as my mum was there, she tried cleaning me off the best she could with some moist towelettes and a little spit im sure :) i also finished the show jumping with only minimal penalties and none for knocking any jumps or refusing. i got the embarassing award and the end of the day for the most entertaining ride :) and then the most improved in the show jumping lol (it was one of those days where nearly everyone got something :))

"I whisper but my horse doesnt listen...So I yell!!...He still doesnt listen"

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Haha. I have a great one, and it wasn't an action fall, which made it funny....

About 2 months ago, I was riding my horse, and had to adjust the girth. And of course, being me, thinking, "oh, I don't need to get off, I can just do it mounted...." Right. Bad idea. I swung my leg forward to tighten the girth, reached down, and lost my balance and slid off. My horse was just standing there, looking at me, like,"how'd you get down there?" Everybody ran over and were like, "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" and were freaking out, and I just started cracking up. It was funny until the next day I was really sore.

That was a fun fall....
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I just thought of another hilarious one:
Last spring, we were cantering in a hay field, and hit a patch of ground where there was still ice underneath. My stallion fell onto his side (farely gracefully), and since I was bareback, I just kind of stepped out from under him without injury. I grabbed his reins thinking he would be jumping up ready to take off from the upset, but he just lay there legs splayed out, head flat on the ground. I started to worry for a second about what might have happened to him in what seemed like such a soft fall....until I noticed that his lips were moving ever so slightly to munch on the frozen spring grass while he was down there! :)
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Oh god where do i start?? lol. I have fallen off many a times, both as a child and an adult. two of the funniest ones that i can think of off the top of my head happened when I was 13. the first was off of a 12'3 pony. (no joke) i was mounting her bareback and she was a fidgity mare. she had a habit of not standing still when someone was mounting her. the funny thing was that i had ridden this girl since i was 4 and i was used to her, so i should have been used to it, right? well, my mom was annoying me, (typical teenage-mom relationship) and she asked me if i wanted her to hold penny while i was getting on. i was stubborn and said no and as i was half way on she broke into a canter and i plopped off the other side. broke my shoulder falling off a 12'3 pony! it wasn't funny at the time because i couldn't ride for 6 months after that.
the second time was when i was 11 and i had just gotten my qh mare. i had only ridden her a few times outside of the ring and i was just walking her along the outside of the arena fence. it was winter but where i was riding was plowed. anyway, she got spooked by something and took off. now, i had never even galloped on her before and i was frozen into fear. lol. she ran up a hill in a foot of snow and up and around to another side of the ring. that gate to the ring was open and there was ice right before it. well, picturing us both falling, i dived head first into the snow and sunk into it. it was very humiliating and all you could see was my boots and helmet stickng out. my dad dug me out and i realized my horse had stoppped and was standing there staring at me as if to say, "Aren't you supposed to be on my back?" i stood up, looked at my mare for like a minute, and just started laughing, i got back on her and literally didn't ride her outside of the arena for like 5 months after that. looking back, i find it very funny. lol
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I've got a funny one. I was aboout 12 I think and I was looking after a friends highland for a week. I'd been trotting and cantering up and down the long track to the house bareback. There's a huge field next to the house so I thought a would have a big canter up it. I went down to the bottom and turned round, went into trot and we were about to canter and she shoved her down and stopped dead, I went straight over her head. I was lying on the grass looking at her munching at the most amazing piece of grass she had ever seen. She just had to have it!
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My most recent wasn't a fall OFF a horse, but a fall indeed.

I was working with my horse on the ground with plastic bags to get him used to strange sounds/movements. Lead rope in one hand, I had a bag in the other up by his poll and ears. He stepped away from me and the bag, then circled around me a few times. Eventually he settled and accepted the bag. Ok, time for the other side. I slowly lifted the bag up to his poll and suddenly he takes a step TOWARDS me and gives me a giant shove with his shoulder! I turn and twist and crash to the ground. He just stands there and looks very proud.

I have fallen off many horses at many speeds and never have I been so sore the next day as this time when my gelding BODY CHUCKED me to the ground!
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Since falls in general have been added I will add this one. It was storming all day and it was time to feed horses. I waited until it quit lightening and headed out to the pasture with my rain slicker on and the hood pulled down around my face. I walked in amongst the horses (I think I had 5 at that time) and started to seperate them for feeding. All 5 were standing behind me as I opened the gate between feeding areas. There was a VERY loud crack of thunder and all 5 horses rushed me knocking me forcefully to the ground. All I could see around my slicker hood were hooves as I rolled to one side. This could have been the end of me but I didn't get stepped on once and the only injury I had was a jammed wrist. I guess thats just about the scarriest fall I have ever had. Needless to say I don't go out in thunderstorms anymore.

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Mine happened couple weeks back. Not sure how funny it was, but the reason was rather unusual. I was riding my youngster in field. When she started to graze, I tried to pull reins to bring her head up, and suddenly felt I'm changing the position: the saddle came vertically on horse's back and I just slide over my horse head. I thought it's girth or something, tight it again and got on horse. In 2 minutes exactly same thing happened: saddle came up vertically and I did slide over horse head. I must admit my horse didn't run away and was pretty quiet about it (just with that look "what's going on with you?" on her face).

Saddle came to trash yesterday (neither saddle shop around could explain why it happened when I told them), and I ended up looking for something better than cheap older saddle. He-he!
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