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        10-11-2008, 05:11 PM
    All I can say is fallow the advice of our fellow friends here, get help from your sister... but most of all, GROUND WORK, GROUND WORK, GROUND WORK! One thing I failed on with my horse was the bonding off the saddle, it is really important to play, bond, and really get in touch with your horse before ever mounting. And when you do decide to mount again be sure to have someone there, and try pretending to mount everyday a few times even on both sides...

    GOOD LUCK And please let us know how it goes...
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        10-20-2008, 12:23 AM
    I thought id post a little update. Nothing really exciting to post yet. We are still doing groundwork, although it has rained several days in a row here...and I don't have an indoor arena, so I kinda gotta work with mother nature. Im trying to balance tlc with training so I don't have to chase him around the pasture everday. I still don't feel any closer to getting in the saddle however. One thing though...Major has grown his winter coat and its the first time I've seen it. OMG he looks like a big beautiful black velvet teddy bear. So every time im with wanting to pet and hug on him and love on him...and not so much the training, lol. I know im a bad horse owner...but man its just so tempting to love on him. He's so darn cute and cuddly. This week im putting myself on a strict schedule for training him and loving on him...that way I have a more balanced amount of training and a little less lovey dovey. Hopefully I have a better update next week
        10-20-2008, 04:43 AM
    I've only just read this thread now... firstly, I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened! But I'm really glad that you've turned here for advice!

    First thing first... good idea with doing the ground work. It's going to help you both with your bonding. However don't take TOO long. You do need to get back into things (as long as he's all fine and not sore anywhere!)... the longer you avoid the situation, the harder it may become to address (or he may be a gem). I personally wouldnt even dream of putting my foot in the stirrup to begin with and I don't think anyone mentioned not to do this earlier so here's my idea!

    Make sure you have someone to hold your guy and get yourself a mounting block/bucket/anything you can use to get some height and have that on standby... now once you've played around with your saddle on your guys back (ie, flapping the stirrups, bounce on the ground beside him, rattle things, 'slap' his back with your hand (not hard, but just like a tap) - really desensitise Major! Once he's standing still for that, repeat all of that but up on your bucket/block. Bounce on it... really act like he's new to the saddle... cos he has to know that things may go wrong... and its okay for him to spook... but its not okay to remain scared forever, and that you're going to take a step back and readdress everything.
    Then INSTEAD of mounting or putting weight in the stirrup, I suggest leaning over his back. He's not going to anticipate that... and by the sounds of things, it's when you put your foot in the stirrup he thinks somethings going to snap. So that's why he's not allowing you to mount... but if you take the stirrup out of the equation and mount, he's going to hopefully go "oh. It didnt snap"... go from leaning over his back, to leaning over and then swinging your leg and mount that way. Once you're sitting on him... praise... get off... repeat. Make sure you do it three times, then give him some love and let him go.
    Once he's really happy with all that, start using the stirrup to hoist you over his back and lean over... and then get up... you may be able to miss this step if he accepts you back up on him and realises the danger of it snapping is gone. Finally after he's feeling happy about that, its time to say "hey, im going to mount you properly now!" and do so. Make a big point to not rush him.. but to not baby him either. I know he's scared and obviously don't put yourself at risk... but don't drag this out over weeks. He needs to know that it's okay to be upset over something, but that life does go on!

    I hope this has helped!
        10-20-2008, 01:48 PM
    Glad to hear you say that the ground work shouldnt take forever....i wasnt sure how long I should keep it up. I will try your suggestion. Its seems that no matter what I do he moves away when I act like im going to put my foot in the stirrup...thats why im wondering if the ground work is helping.
        10-20-2008, 06:22 PM
    I hope it helps... you've found the problem, so the solution is to start by not using the stirrup.
    Another thing you could do, is while you're doing the ground work, you could get yourself a sack and fill it so it has some weight, and make a 'dummy' for your horse. So he can get the idea that weights okay again, and you don't have the worry of you being the dummy at first :)
        10-20-2008, 07:44 PM
    Lol I've already been the dummy and it wasnt fun. I will give it a try and continue with the ground work that everyone has suggested. I havent been able to get back in the saddle yet, but I do think the ground work is helping in some areas, like bonding and helping Major be more level headed and trusting. Thanks everyone for the advice!
        10-20-2008, 11:06 PM
    Originally Posted by sandy2u1    
    im going to make a horsemanship video titled..."What Not to Do" starring me.
    I believe everyone that has horses could make one of these...I know I can

    Good luck, my experience has been that these things just take time.

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