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Halter/Lead problems

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        09-26-2013, 08:38 PM

    So I thought i'd give you guys an update today, after a hour and a half today he is finally haltered.
    Mind you this horse has no problem with anyone coming up and loving on him, in fact he lavishes it, he just acted scared, flighty, erratic, ect when a halter or lead was even introduced.

    With that being said, the owners have openly admitted to "spoiling" him. Which in itself is a problem. I see it as they assumed they had an abused horse and instead of working with him properly they spoiled him to try and make right any wrong doings they think were done to him in his life? I'm not positive.

    But it turned out to be exactly as I thought in the first place, he's not "afraid" of the halter or the lead, in fact, once we finally did get the lead around his neck (which we did using advance and walk away techniques, using a flag to keep him in place when he tried to bolt or turn his ass towards us, and when I say "put him in his place" I by no means mean we were striking the horse, I mean using the flag as an extension of the arm to position him to when he should be respectfully, and letting him try and tire himself out but see that he's not going to get away with the same crap he has been) But so once we finally did get the lead rope around his neck, he stood perfectly stock still and let us halter him without blowing, huffing, whites of the eyes anything.

    So this is a horse which turns out to be as I assumed, someone taught some nasty habits to and then a couple "adopted him" being a little more horse then they could handle and believing he was abused because of his behavior ended up unknowingly re enforcing it to make a spoiled brat.

    So now he's haltered with a lead attached to him (as he's not necessarily afraid of the rope itself but he is jumpy about it because he's associated it with work, and that it seems is where the true issue is) and tomorrow will begin our long journey of desensitizing, learning proper respect and ground manners, and eventually... the rest of what he needs to know to graduate this class. Ill keep you guys posted on his progress the further it develops :) and thank you all for taking the time to comment with such helpful insights.
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        09-26-2013, 09:32 PM
    Here is the fix. Turn him loose in an arena or small pasture. Be prepared to do some walking. Hang his halter and lead in your left elbow and circle way around until you are directly behind him. If he's paying no mind, great, because you are going to surprise him by running up behind him but not so close to get kicked. He'll scoot off and you go stand where he was eating for half a minute. Then circle way around again and repeat as before. You have to stand on the spot where he was eating as you are claiming it as yours. As you continue to circle he will make it more difficult as he will start watching you and hiding his hiney. Good. But, he has to watch you with both eyes. If one eye, he's looking for the door. If he looks to his right, you look to your right. This will draw his attention back to you. If he starts to move off you must immediately move off in the opposite direction, so he thinks it was your idea. If he doesn't stop and look at you start your circle again. When he will look at you with both eyes, take a step or two back to see if he will come toward you. If he approaches bend your shoulders a little and extend your right hand, fingers turned down and see if he will touch your hand. If he does, step back and turn your back to him for a few seconds. He may approach again so when he again touches your hand, rub his cheek then his neck up near the mane, the place your rope over his neck and halter him. Rub his forehead, remove the halter, turn your back and slowly walk away. If he follows you, repeat with the halter and walk away. He is deciding he would rather be with you than be concerned about the halter. Horses read people in a heartbeat and he'd found something that worked very well.
        10-11-2013, 11:53 AM
    Have you tried getting him in a round pen and lunging him? Just keep him running until he is tired out, then introduce the halter, if he refuses make him run again. Most horses will decide they would rather be handled then run. Just an idea, it worked for my horse but you can't let him decide when he's done. You must be in control of the training not him.

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