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Have you ever accidentally trained a horse something good?

I realized that I accidentally trained my horse to be cleaner in his stall. I feed him myself and in the morning I am a little lazy so I would clean his stall but just put all the poop and pee right outside of his stall in his run (he doesn't have full time access to it) until I fed him at night. After a while he started to just poop in one spot closest to where I would normally put his poop and now his stall is very clean in his stall. He has always peed in one spot and now that the poop is in one pile it is so much easier to clean. It's awesome.

Has anyone else "accidentally" taught a horse to do something good?
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I trained my horse to drink out to the hose, he likes warm hose water. I would never train a horse to gulp back warm hose water, yukky.
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I have always suspected that many of the things my horses do well, if I had a hand in it, it was by accident.
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When I got my horse he would open his mouth automatically to accept and let go of his bit when he thought you were ready. One day I wasn't ready yet and his bit smacked his teeth when it fell out. He then didn't want to open his mouth at all when taking off is bridle, requiring me to stick my finger in his mouth first. I started tapping him on the lips when I was ready trying to get him to open up without having to stick my finger in his mouth. Now he waits patiently for me to tap his lips prior to opening his mouth.

I didn't teach him to do it on purpose but it sure works well.
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mare poop will help geldings be cleaner also! Put a pile in the back where he wants to go. he will pee and poo all over it lol
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When we come out of the arena, the crossties are right across the door. My horse automatically stops, waits for me to pick his feet and then does a 180 and backs into the crossties, occasionally regardless of there being a horse already in there or not!!! But it's nice when the crossties are empty lol.

Not quite as unintentional, but I always give my horse a head scratch with a rubber mitt after I take his bridle off. As a result he waits patiently to be scratched and doesn't scratch his head or bridle on anything until the bit is out of his mouth.

They say money doesn't buy happiness -- well happiness doesn't buy horses!
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