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head tossing/other problems--long story

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    03-22-2011, 03:52 PM
head tossing/other problems--long story

I have had my SSh mare for just over a year. She was a wonderful horse for several months.
We don't ride much in the summer, actually we never ride in the summer once it gets hot and humid here in Georgia. We do most of our riding in the winter. So she was a pasture ornament for the summer, and gained lots of weight (last summer), she has since lost it.
This past winter I have had several problems with her.. first she had hoof problems that we have 99.9% fixed.
Then I started wondering if her saddle rubbed her shoulder.. I became fixated (sp) on the saddle not fitting.. now I actually do think the saddle fits and I have felt to see if her shoulder is put into a bind.. I don't think it is. She use to be "lead" horse when we trail rode, now she is content to be behind her pasture mate which is GREAT!! But now she spooks easier.. oh well....
I have two problems that I want to see if anyone has possible answers for.... she and her pasture mate were great to run in to the barn and their individual stalls when we called them to eat. About a month ago, her pasture mate would go right into his stall, but she would linger in the field, in the lot, and not be motivated AT ALL to come into the barn.. she has ALWAYS been a PIg when it comes to food. Now she doesn't seem to care if she comes in or not. She is one that doesn't like to be "messed" with while she eats, so I wait till she finishes and then go into her stall, she has started walking around the stall to get away from me, turning her butt toward me. Any ideas why the change..???
The second problem is she has started reaching down and then thrusting her head forward when we are riding. I am NOT holding a tight rein. I just read a blog and something was said that made me wonder if she needs her teeth floated?? Any ideas??

We are not due to see the vet for several more months, not that I won't take her if that seems to be the problem but I don't want to take her just because it "could be".

Any ideas and advise will be greatly appreciated.

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    03-22-2011, 04:59 PM
How interesting taking the Summer off and riding in the Winter

The feeding issue is simple she doesn't respect you. Now I don't advocate scaring her or anything but you should enter the stall first (in this case) and ask her to wait a minute until she's got a nice expression (ears forward and relaxed) until you allow her to have her food. I would have a stick with me 'cause it sounds like she's thinking about kicking you. Be careful.

Pulling the reins out of your hand could be teeth but from my experience it too is a respect issue. You have to be in a state of mind that says - I always expect the best from you but I'm ready to correct you. So you must be calm and relaxed but the minute no the second no the millisecond she tries to pull you must brace your torso and hold the reins to block her. Don't release until she is soft but then please release and relax your torso. She might not like it but it sounds like it just started happening so it should be easy to fix. It would be good to practice your reflexes 'cause that's what you need to be good at this - you know like catching a ball when it is thrown to you unexpectedly.

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