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Help with Bucking Mare

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    06-26-2008, 11:57 AM
Bucking problems

Welcome! I used to have a mare that bucked, too. She would go down to her knees she was so intent on it lol. All I did was ride ride ride her and spend time with her that way. Get her mind off of it but squeezing her on with your legs and kissing to her, or give her a firm reminder with your heel. Also, turning her into a circle(one rein stop) can make her quit that. But remember, if you do that, make sure that you don't release your rein until she gives to you(moves her nose in and stops moving) Pull into your hip when you do this. It works, lol!!

If you don't feel confident enough to work through it on your own, have someone else ride her for you for a while and have them have you work with them to get the feel of it. If they take out the majority of her bucks and teach you how to reprimand her when she tries again, that might make you feel more confident. Dealing with a bucker isnt fun for beginners or people who havent had experience with it...been there, done that. But she sounds like a great horse. Does she just buck when she's scared? Or does she have a bad tack fit? Teeth? My one mare used to buck because of having stiff joints and bad teeth; once she had more time on her in the "warm up" ring had her teeth done she has been a great horse. Just keep trying, don't give up!
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    06-26-2008, 05:11 PM
If she is bucking while being lunged are you sure the saddle fits her properly? I can't believe no one has asked about tack fitting.

An 8 year old shouldn't have terrible bucking problems, it could be pain, or she could be snotty. She sounds like a dominant horse who has a "You don't ride me, I ride you" attitude. I would not rule out pain though.
    06-26-2008, 10:43 PM
When a horse bucks, you pull it's head up, so it can't physically buck, and proceed with the one rein stop, horses can't buck if they're spinning and their hindquarters are disengaged..
Go to and type in, the power of the one rein stop..the author of the movie to watch is horseproblems
    06-27-2008, 03:45 AM
The first thing I ruled out was pain. The tack also isn't the problem. I lunge her without a saddle and she bucks just the same. Yesterday she was better. She just gave two half hearted bucks - kind of just to remind me she can still do it if she wants.

Also, my trainers daughter is riding her and she bucks with her tack on as well.

I'll go check out the one rein stop.
    06-27-2008, 11:50 AM
I'm having the same issues with my mare, she is 8 years old as well. Make her work, when she bucks as for a one rein stops. If you show her that she can relax when she is not bucking she will eventually get the idea that when she bucks she has to work harder.
    06-27-2008, 02:50 PM
Re: Help with Bucking Mare

Originally Posted by Molly's Mum
Hi. My name is Suzanne and I'm not (at all) a professional horse rider. I tought myself to ride a few years ago and just recently met a lady who is trying to teach me the proper ways of riding. Apart from falling pregnant (twice) everything's going fine...up until now.

I finally decided to buy a horse and found the sweetest mare. She's very inquisitive and quite lively. Whenever I groom her she's always interested in what I'm doing and looking around her with interest in everything she sees. She's not like the horses I'm used to that usually stands still, head down while grooming, etc.

The problem is she's not schooled. She's about 8 years old and the lady at the livery is starting to school her now. Whenever I ride her she bucks, and I get soooooooooo scared and freeze up. My trainers says that she now know's that I'm afraid and that she can manipulate me and that I should be more assertive. I rode her with a whip once and when I raised the whip (to scratch my ear) she went really crazy. Needless to say I froze again. I am not an aggresive/assertive person when it comes to animals and I do not like riding with a whip. I try to treat her the way I would like to be treated but I'm not getting the treatment I hoped for....

The point is she starts bucking, I get scared and she get's her way. I just want your opinions on my situation. We are both still very green at all this.

Thank you. :P
How experienced are you? I have never ridden a horse that doesn't buck from time because they were full of energy or playing etc.
Getting over the fear of a horse bucking is going to have to be something you need to learn to work thru BUT if you have ruled out any health problems, get a trainer or more experienced rider to settle her down.
Her behavior is really not something that acceptable regardless of the reason, tho as I have said I let most horses do it if I know it is malicious in nature.

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