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HELP!!! He keeps Biting me

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        07-09-2009, 11:38 AM
    I worked with a horse apropriately named Nibbles. She bit me and I popped her in the mouth, shook the lead rope, making her back away from me. Then, I rubbed her face and started practicing disengaging her hind and front end. After about five minutes of working with her, I put my hand to her mouth. She didnt bite me. She hasnt bitten me since then and I've been working with her for almost two years. People think its mean to hit a horse, but in order to be dominant over the horse, you can't take anything from him. Whenever they bite you, make them think its the worst thing they could ever do, even though its not. Kicking and bucking usually come from a lower horse, biting comes from the dominant. When a horse bites you, they are claiming dominance over you. They wont ever really respect you until you brake them of their "habit". Bite him back. He wont bite anymore.
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        07-09-2009, 01:32 PM
    I tried than and I wish I had a dumb horse
        07-09-2009, 01:40 PM
    Originally Posted by luvs2ride1979    
    BEAT HIM! Yell, scream, get "big", and whoop his monkey butt until he's backing away from you as fast as he can.

    Since he's now learned that he can bite, this will take some time to fix. You need to be SUPER consistent with him. Watch him carefully, but feel confident that you CAN over come this. If you're scared, he will see that as weakness and he will not learn.

    As soon as he pins his ears or makes any move like he's going to bite, you need to get big, yell at him in a stern and low voice (QUIT THAT), and back him out of your space. If he opens his mouth like he's going to bite, use whatever is in your hand, do the above, plus smack the cr@p out of him (chest and shoulder is preferable, but any available piece of horse will do, lol). You canNOT tolerate even one little bit of aggressive behavior out of him.

    This kind of behavior is one of the only times I will condone and advise "hitting" a horse. You need to "buck up", grow come cajones, be CONFIDENT, and teach him who's boss. If you're not up to the challenge, then you NEED to sell him or give him away before he really hurts you or someone else.

    I would also have the vet give him a good once over, checking for pain and running blood for chemical or hormonal imbalances. If he's on any grain, STOP. If he gets Alfalfa hay, switch to grass or timothy hay. High energy feeds or horses that have feed sensitivities can display poor behavior.
    Agree 100%, stop at nothing. A horse that has gone for your neck is out and out dangerous. That's what they do to each other in the wild and it's not play!!!!!!!!

    ETA: I didn't have time to read all the posts, didn't have to, this is the best advise! I did read about the biting them back, I wouldn't really want to see an inexperienced person try this ......
        07-09-2009, 10:08 PM
    Yeah, biting shouldn't ever be tolerated. He needs to know who's boss, & that it's not respectful. I'd smack him on the neck or shoulder. I knew a horse who used to bite when I was about 11, & she finally stopped after I gave her a few good smacks on the shoulder. Not hard, of course. But it taught her who's boss. I also don't like to 'hit', but some discipline's not bad...especially if they're biting.
    & biting them back? Lol, I've never heard of that...but it may work as well!
        07-09-2009, 10:27 PM
    Does he give you any warning? Playful nudges, head tosses, shaking, etc? If so, you need to redirect that 'bored' energy, by putting him to work...because he is biting, I suggest that you get him to work longing, as that will get him away from you during that energetic time.

    Always carry a crop with him, and carry it in your lead rope hand, so that you can use it to 'push' his head and neck away. It's hard to explain, but what you will do is walk with the crop 'up' and in a position that he can 'visualize' it as a barrier to you. If he tries to invade your space, swing it back and forth; it may take some practice. He will probably wind up getting whapped by the crop a time or two by the time he figures out NOT to invade your bubble, but hopefully, he will figure it out, so you don't have to continue avoiding him.

    You may also want to find a trainer who specializes in problem horses, especially if this guy is so obnoxious about his bitey behaviour. A biting horse is not a fun animal to have, especially because they are so large an animal...get some professional help, before you or your family gets hurt more. Leaving the horse 'alone' isn't the answer either...he needs to be worked with, as the habit won't simply resolve itself!!!

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