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help....impossible to catch this horse

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        01-13-2009, 03:04 PM
    Originally Posted by horsegirl123    
    Is she wearing a haulter already? When you get her do you have to put the haulter on as well as clipping her to the lead rope? If not, then you should always put her haulter on when turning her out so she's easier to get.

    You could also walk up to her with the lead rope behind your back, sometimes horses are scared of lead ropes for some reason.

    Also, try different treats besides apples, maybe she doesn't like apples. I used carrots when this happened to me.

    Maybe whenever she lets you get her you should give her a treat, and then she will WANT to come when you call her. Find what treats she likes best! On the other hand, then she might get nippy if you decide to do this...

    Good luck!
    I think you shouldn't use treats as a bribary because then they expect them and that can get veryyy anoying.
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        01-13-2009, 03:19 PM
    Oh do I know what you are going thru. Cobalt, my little sweetheart was terrified of everything when I first got him. You COULD NOT catch him even if his life depended on it.
    This problem lasted about 1 month as soon as I moved him to the barn. He had never seen a stable, new people, new horses and because of how young he was at the time, he hadn't been played with a whole lot.

    I left a halter 24/7 for about a month while I worked on his catching. For some time you couldn't even get near him as he would run away. I had to bribe his best pasture buddy at which point he would stay nearby just never close enough for me to reach. With time he slowly got closer and I would be able to sneak my arm under his buddy's neck and grab onto his halter.
    Me doing this always worried him quite a bit but he never pulled back. I would grab him and his best buddy and I would take them outside the pasture, tie them and feed them supplements which to them was a huge treat. It took a few days of doing so before he realised that being caught wasnt all that bad because it meant he would get food. I NEVER fed him IN the field, EVER. He would get feed only once caught and tied outside the pasture. With time it came down to just taking him out of the pasture.
    He eventually started to expect it every day and would come and wait for me at the gate. He never got nosy and never searched for food as he got into the habit of when and where he got his food. I was able to eventually remove his halter once back in pasture. As you bring him and tie him outside the pasture include a good grooming but only whats pleasant to that horse. As time evolves start to remove the feeding and only groom.

    I did so for about 1-2 months. During that time I build a bond with him and worked with him on the ground, showed him things and he learned things were ok.

    Now he adores being worked with and will come and wait at the gate when he sees my car come up. Excellent boy. I never feed him or give him treats when I catch him so he never looks for them and I seldomly feed him supplements now so he knows not to ask for them or he gets in trouble. He LOVES being played with. Brushing, talking to him, anything, he LOVES it all.
        01-13-2009, 04:22 PM
    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    I showed my friend all the replies ( I had to translate) and explained that she is not alone by far!

    She will start this week using the great tips you all gave! I'll let you know what happened and which way worked best for us.
        01-14-2009, 03:19 PM
    I have a mare who can be VERY difficult to catch. Her reason is she doesn't like to leave the "herd" since she thinks it is her responsibility to take care of them. I also have a mare who is hard to catch because she is fearful of people (so sad). I use the same method on both of them.

    In the beginning, I feed her in the small roundpen. When she is through eating, I walk up to her (approach towards the shoulder as this is not as threatening to them) and rub her neck, walk away, walk up again and put the lead around her neck, rub, halter, rub. I walk her a few feet than take the halter off and leave. They don't know what to think about that! Sometimes when I catch them, I ride, sometimes I turn around and take the halter back off. When they don't expect to be worked everytime you catch them, they are a little more willing.

    Good luck!!

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