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Help with Training a Hackney Pony

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    03-03-2012, 12:05 AM
You're probably right... But I am going to train this horse by myself... I've had success in doing lots of groundwork... I see a huge improvement in her vs. when I first got her... Mostly desensitizing... which as helped tremendously in calming her down... I just need to work with her more to get her calmed down farther, and try some of the tips others have mentioned... I'm not a person that says I'm going to train this to her today and expect results right away... I though I like it when I do see results...
From what everyone is saying it seems I should keep doing ground work (more then what we've worked on) until she pays complete attention to me...
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    03-03-2012, 12:49 AM
Getting a trainer doesn't mean you won't be doing the work. Work something out so that YOU are the one being trained. Call it a mentor or a supervisor or whatever. The BEST way to learn is to be shown and to do. Hands on is the best way.

Every hackney I have met or worked with has a few screws loose. They are tough cookies to crack... Definitely won't be jumping for joy when another one graces my barn.
    03-04-2012, 10:32 AM
Super Moderator
If you bought an airplane, would you want to teach yourself how to fly it?
    06-01-2012, 11:47 PM
Originally Posted by Cherie    
If you bought an airplane, would you want to teach yourself how to fly it?
That's no way to look at it! If you had a milk cow that needed to be milked would you try to figure out how to milk it or would you sit on your haunches because no one is there to show you?

If everybody thought like that, there would be a lot of people doing nothing because nobody showed them how to do it... I've got a friend who taught himself to weld, and he is now a top welder for a company, obviously later life he took a welding course, but at the end he already knew most of it. He didn't get that way by leaving the welding in the garage because no trainer would help him. When people did offer helpful tips I'm sure he listened...

Now this forum is supposed to help people, not discourage them... If it weren't for people who went ahead and did things without help, we'd be in a sorry state...And if they failed at times... guess what they learned! That's how people become experienced, they try things out and if it doesn't work, now they know why!

Anyway...I was really hoping for some in depth knowledge on how people train ponies without getting on themselves... How they have done it, and if no one knows then I'll have to figure it out myself...

It would be nice though to get advice from a REAL trainer...I mean a top of the line guy...I wish...Maybe later in life... but for now I do what I can and try to pick up all the tips and info I can glean from others who've had experience...That way I could turn their knowledge into my experience...

...And yes there are people who are simply not capable of doing things...Like flying an airplane, without help...But then SOMEBODY did...
    04-05-2013, 10:36 AM

Sorry about the above post! It sorta sounds stupid... But anyway...

Flicka has improved greatly, I've learned so MUCH since this last post. She now is doing awesome with riding/driving. I've learned that once you have control over her on the ground & in the saddle, the best thing you can do is open up and go somewhere... Which we have, and it has improved her attitude greatly. When she trots for a couple miles it really opens her up, also when you canter her until she's puffing she seems to take it in her mind that she doesn't have to always try to canter on the bit etc. and she has learned to walk slowly on trails & on the road where ever. She still has a few issues (like trying to rub her bridle off) but we've gotten over a huge "stopping" point. Thanks for all you help!
    04-05-2013, 12:05 PM
I'm glad to hear you have progressed greatly with her!
    04-05-2013, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by EmilyJoy    
You're probably right... But I am going to train this horse by myself...
I've been riding for 20 years and pay a coach to teach me what I don't know.
    04-05-2013, 01:32 PM
When she tries to rub her bridle off she's itchy. Offer to rub it for her, it's easier on the bridle.
    04-05-2013, 04:14 PM
First thanks everyone, we have come along ways!
Originally Posted by JustDressageIt    
I've been riding for 20 years and pay a coach to teach me what I don't know.
Second JustDressageIt, I'm glad you've taken that many lessons I'm sure you must be getting top of the line by now, or at least improved greatly!

You might say that I do have a "trainer" through Clinton Anderson's method, if I need help or something isn't working out great I'll go back and re-watch for the items I missed. It's not that I have anything against hands on training other then, money transportation etc.

I guess I am not looking to be the top trainer, take formal riding lessons for 20 + yrs, or show my horses. I just want to enjoy my horse, do a little groundwork to keep everything going smooth, and maintain what I do know.
I want to use them for things around the farm like hauling hay or kids in the winter, do a little this and that with the horses and just have fun. And I have been doing just that after I've spent hours and hours watching training dvds/books etc. to get my horses to that point.

And you might say that CA's method isn't very good, maybe so, but I've not only solved most of my horses problems, but have gotten them to the point that I can do most anything with them, which is great!!! You can't imagine the fun we have!

Do I need a trainer? Maybe, for what? Well I'd like to get better with my riding, learn how to teach myself/horse to cut cows, anything else? Maybe but I haven't really come up with anything that is driving me to find one (I don't show, don't ride English, don't jump, don't do any speed events or that type of thing).
So you say, well you defiantly need one to learn how to ride totally correct, maybe but my horse isn't in pain when I ride, I'm not in pain and my horse obeys me well. I'm always looking for tips to ride better, and if I find good ones I go out and try them with my horse. If they work well I incorporate them into my riding, if not well I keep looking for tips that will better myself or my horse.

I started this thread because of a specific situation and I figured out what I needed to do to solve it. Thanks to everyone!

Ps. I hope I don't offend anyway, I don't try to do that as a hobby.

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