Hmmm, straightness, wha?

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Hmmm, straightness, wha?

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        04-19-2010, 07:00 AM
    Hmmm, straightness, wha?

    Hard to explain what he does.

    He wont walk straight, he will meander all over the 'arena' (it's cones set out in arena style on a paddock :P). He wont direct towards the cones, or walk straight along them, he always holds his neck at wierd angles, I think I need a video?

    I think I need a video to show just what he does :S. He's been out of work for 2 years, so he has obviously been meanderign al over his fields. And I no it is not natural for horse to walk straight, what about trot? He hardly trots as it is, unless it's home, or with a couple bucking/rearing fits, then he'll trot for a couple metres, stop, and start. I know this also has to do with fitness, and carrying a riders wieght. But his straightness and the way he walks/trots with his neck bent is strange. Could he be unbalanced? And what tips could I have to fix this?

    Will get a video, on wednesday? Perhaps?
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        04-19-2010, 03:39 PM
    Without seeing it I would say get a vet/chiro/masseuse something to make sure he's not really out of whack and uncomfortable. Oftentimes when a horse stands for that long without being worked they can get muscled on one side and not the other or they can tweak a muscle or tendon in the pasture and it heals a little funny, etc. Just make sure that there's no little thing that's making him uncomfortable that would make learning and conditioning hard for him.

    Then I would lunge him. If he's been out of work for that long he probably has very little muscle tone and if he's fighting you to trot then there's another underlying problem. A horse that can't bend can't get straight and I'm also betting he has steering issues and holes in his basic training somewhere. I would start a lunging program. Not just running him in circles until he gets tired though...Lots of changes of gait, direction, change of circle size, etc. Eventually add some side reins to make him use his neck and back. And start with 10-15 minutes at the walk and trot on a large circle and move up until you're working him for 30-45 mins at all 3 gaits on different size circles.

    If you don't know how to lunge for training and building muscle call some local trainers explain your situation and take a few lunging lessons. For less than $100 (generally) you can take a few lessons, get some good ideas on how to muscle your horse and make a friend out of a trainer (hopefully). It's a win-win and you won't be floundering in the dark with him. The other option is to rule out physical problems and send him to a trainers for a refresher/retraining session. Video of what he is doing will help us better understand your problem but it is hard to "train" someone online.
        04-19-2010, 03:57 PM
    Besides everything that NE said, how trained was this horse before he was turned out? In all honesty, some of his issues sound a lot like a horse that has had minimal training under saddle.
        04-20-2010, 12:42 AM
    He has no. Health issues. We have had every thing we can think of done to him, it's got to be because he's been out of training.

    We do not know his history past his last owner, he was rescued from a woman who got him and used to use every measure to make him work, beating him ect. He's been trained since a 3 y/o, and worked up till age 6, then turned out into a paddock.

    He does have a dip in his hindquarters, the vertebrae, is there, just sunken down, the vets haave said it's not problem, but could cause him to have issues, because he has'nt come back into work, and when he trots, his hind legs cross infront of theselves at an angle. Which we believe could be to do with this, though he is 100% sound.

    I really want to avoid lunging now as much as possible, I bought him 5 th of feb, and have basically lunged him from that day, because I did'nt have a saddle. I did ground work with him, trotting in hand ect. Which he does'nt have a problem with. I do know what to do with lunging though.

    So we were considering the trainer, but yesterday he seemed alot better, I think he just needs to be reminded he can't go back to his paddock, and must work, instead of being naughty and doing what he can to go home.
        04-20-2010, 04:33 PM
    What are you doing to guide him to where you want him to go?

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