Horse going off to the trainers.

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Horse going off to the trainers.

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        05-15-2010, 04:54 PM
    Horse going off to the trainers.

    I'm ecstatic. In case some of you have never seen one of my threads regarding my horses issues, Ill give you a summary of his background:
    My horse bucks and bolts, completely at random, and I can usually stay on but I'll land on the ground occasionally and always wind up very hurt.

    He usually will start off with a spook, a jump to the side then he'll start galloping and bucking, and I'll have him back by a few strides. It's always by this one bush in the outdoor ring, birds don't over run it but if it even twitches from the breeze he'll nearly kill me. If I go to the lower ring we can't even ride the further end of it because it's all forest and the tree's just sent him off like lightning. I've ridden him outside 100,000 times, ridden him by trees, walked him by them on the ground back and fourth, tried resting him by them, letting him graze under them everything, but my horses tension and explosions since my last fall has caused major confidence issues in me. Usually I'd get on my horse with a calm mind and I wouldn't anticipate him to spook, but my last 3 rides I've gotten on absolutely nervous as heck, and have had to get off because it makes my horse a million times more tense.

    Me and my mom both know that his behaviours are dangerous, and he's only doing it because he can, he knows he can bolt and sometimes throw us on the ground. And quite frankly neither me nor my mom are strong enough to prevent such behaviour. We've ruled out pain, from his back to his teeth to his feet to in general, we've had him checked he is not in pain. His saddle fits like a glove, and he's in good health according to the vet. He's just doing it cause he can.

    Well my mom isn't ready to throw in the towel with this horse yet, he has huge potential, he has great gaits, he can do just about everything, would be great for dressage and show jumping and if the training goes well cross country [right now he's nearly impossible to ride in the woods, he bolts and bucks the worst in the woods]. He's a willing learner, has great flowing gaits, he loves to jump, but his explosions and sudden tensions are very scary. He's going to the trainers.

    But the great thing is, the trainers are at our stable. We board him at a barn that actually has a handful of very experienced and successful horse trainers, including my [main] riding instructors [I have two, both are very very great trainers] , who will be training my horse. Let me tell you about my instructors. They have both handled everything in the book. They are both highly respected and have trained most of the horses in the barn that have sold for huge sums of money each as dressage and eventing horses.

    What my instructor told me today when I discussed the issues to her in full was that she thought that he's just doing it because we don't really know how to stop him, that he's looking for things to spook at, and something that really clicked big in my head:

    When he came to my barn he was to be a school horse before I bought him, he was thin and lethargic, he didn't have much spark or spirit at all and if I had to take a gander at his emotion, he wasn't a happy horse. He had a ding on his face where the noseband of his halter would be which led me to think someone have him in a poorly fit halter for quite some time. After a year of having him he's plump [not fat but he's certainly filled in to a respectable and healthy looking size] he gets love, treats, grass, tons of affection, and such and my instructor thinks that now that he's put on weight he's more spirited and energetic and has well- turned into a brat.

    With his training he's going to be ridden outside in the full lengths of the rings, by the trees, in the woods, everywhere, and I'm very excited to see how things turn out from this training!

    I just thought I'd share, I'm so excited.

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