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Horse-Human Bonding

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        01-12-2009, 10:15 PM
    Originally Posted by GottaRide    
    You are giving human emotions to an animal that cannot possibly feel the same things as a human can. To us as humans, we see that the horse is giving his all for a human and the only way we can identify with it, or describe it, is to match it to an emotion that we can feel. Horses do not feel things the same way as we do. Their brains are not as developed as a human's brain.

    So that is like saying saying that if two horses are together for their entire life and then one passes they wont morn???? I completely disagree. Or saying that a horse is 25 years old and had an extremely strong bond with that owner and the horse is sold or the owner passes...they don't morn??? They don't miss that??? Yes, I have to say I completely disagree with that concept. That's just like a dog loosing another dog that was a close companion they morn, they greive, just like people do. I do believe that animals feel and that they do have hearts just as we humans do.
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        01-13-2009, 02:59 AM
    I watched my mare grieve for the humongous Belgian mare that was her constant companion, when the Belgian left.

    It was pitiful, my mare called and called for her friend for a long time. She would run along the fence calling her for weeks afterward. Don't tell me horses don't feel emotions.
        01-14-2009, 12:04 AM
    Like Cache said, a horse you raise from a foal has almost like an inseperable bond with their owner most of the time.
    I have this with my mare Whinney. She would be lost if I ever sold her and gets very upset when I go on vacation or to a show and do not take her.
    Buck I had bought, even though I consider him more of a rescue as a yearling. He was so lice infested and so skinny my vet told me he would be lucky to live another week. Once turned around he has become one of the most willing horses I have ever owned. He loves to drive and especially do roadster!
    Alli and I have more of the relationship that is, ok, you are my owner and you feed me, so therefore I love you but am not going to rub and love on you all day. She hates pretty much everyone else, tries to bite and run away from them, so I guess I have a better bond than everyone else!

    Brea I think bonds better with MINIATURE SHETLANDS than she does with me. She has bonded well with me, but seems like she had more fun with her.
    Micah and I are still working on our bond, he has not been here very long and is young, so he is adjusting.
    Lady the mustang is willing to do anything and everthing with me now, when I first brought her home she wanted nothing to do with me and would not be caught in the pasture!

    Horses are like people, they like some, love others, and hate a few!
    I know which ones I own that bond well with me and which ones have a so so bond. I know the ones who bond better will work better and perform better for you and are generally more willing.

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