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horse will NOT lunge clockwise

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  • My horse wont go clockwise
  • My horse dosent like cantering clockwise

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    09-25-2010, 02:04 AM
Super Moderator
wont lunge right.

All that you have said has me convinced there is some sort of physical issue. I would NOT try to force him to go right until you have explored this. The more you keep pushing this issue unsuccessfully, the worse your feeling for him and his for being with you will become. Stop now and try a different tactic, lunging is not necesary and I think might be harmful now.
Have you considered blindness in one eye?
If he doesn't want to canter to the right (or even go that way, but especially in canter) that says to me that there is some soreness or spine/hip misallignment or other pain producing issue on his left side. When a horse canters to the right, the left side does more of the pushing and load bearing, so if it's sore the horse will avoid cantering right.
Bucking when taking up the canter is a very common sign of some sort of hip or spine misalignment.
Does this horse roll when at liberty?
Does it back up well on the lead line, with reasonable freedom or does it drag its feet, and which ones.?

I guess if you can't afford to have it checked by an equine chiropractor, then I would do other sorts of work with it, maybe have it go over small cavaletti, and you can do this in a straight line. Back it up, turn it rt. Lft. And do some carrot stretches. Work at the walk . Ride it up hills if you have them.

Don't worry about giving up on a lesson and walking away from it. Forcing the horse to go right when it is plainly saying "I can't!" will not make your dominance stronger, only build fear and resentment into that horse.

I know you want to make him a better animal and you have limits to work within. I feel your frustration and wish I had more positive help rather than negative. Bless you for your kind intentions.
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    09-25-2010, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by potterspoet    
@jazzyrider - I struggle here because it is not technically my horse, also because neither me nor the owners have any real margin in our budget. I've bought the training supplies (longe line, bit for the other horse, etc) and other non-necessities, but am not sure about the plausibility of a chiro coming out. Under saddle, he is, well, interesting. I am not sure whether his anxiety is from herd-bound issues or something else, but he is good on basics. I have noticed bucking when I ask for a canter, but right now I can't recall whether that was with a right lead or a left lead. He seems to be an overly-anxious horse in general, which makes me worry about making his anxiety worse.
It stinks that he(we) is(are) struggling so much, because he is one of the sweetest horses, loves people and children and any attention he gets.
after this reply im even more sure that the plausibility of a chiro is more...plausable lol you will be completely surprised at the kinds of 'behaviour' problems that can be fixed by actually making the horse comfortable. Sounds to me like he might be in pain and to not check into it is unfair on him

I had my mare chiropracted once cause he was out to do one of my others horses and it turns out she was out of whack everywhere, just didnt show it. Then all of a sudden she could pick up that left canter lead we were having trouble with. I felt awful that it hadnt been looked into earlier. She was so much happier and comfortable afterwards. Its extremely common for horses to be out in the back, hips, neck or poll. Even in the shoulders
    09-26-2010, 01:17 AM
I will definitely look into it. He is calming down more every time I ride, but I'm not asking much, just trying to establish comfort.


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