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Horse Won't Move

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  • Horse won't move
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    06-27-2012, 09:20 PM
Horse Won't Move

So I have this appaloosa gelding named Melman. He is a fun horse and is awesome on the ground. When I halter him, brush him, put fly spray on him, bridle/saddle him, anything, he just stands there. The problem is, that when I try and ride him...he just stands there. No matter how hard I kick him he doesn't go. I try and turn him to get him moving, but he flings his head and maybe takes a step in the opposite direction. He refuses to turn right, but if he does move at all, he goes left, forward, or sometimes back. I've tried flicking the reigns against his butt but it doesn't work. WHAT DO I DO? If you need to know, I'm riding him Western with a snaffle bit. He used to live on a ranch and was used to check cattle. If you have any more questions just ask :) Thanks.
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    06-27-2012, 09:37 PM
Green Broke
He stands still for the things you listed because those things are NOT work for him. You haven't listed anything that you are doing on the ground that requires movement/work from him - how does he react if/when you ask him to move and work from the ground rather than from in the saddle? Can you move his hindquarters, forequarters, W/T/C on line, change directions, etc from the ground?
How much riding experience do you have? How much training does he have? What is his age?
    06-27-2012, 09:56 PM
Well he leads fine and all, but as far as groundwork goes, I'm sort of inexperienced. I know basics but not alot. Whatever groundwork I do, he obeys fine. I've never tried lunging him (don't have a lunge line or round pen). My riding experience consists of about 5 years of basic riding lessons (from when I was younger), and lots of riding camps. I have two horses that I've owned for around 4 years. Melman is 12 years old, but I don't really know how much training he has.
    06-27-2012, 10:23 PM
Does he run in the paddock by himself or with other horses? Maybe he is in pain. Has a vet looked at him? How are his feet? Does he move smoothly in the field?

Lunging takes some time to learn, so skip that. But do other groundwork with him. On a lead, walk him, turn him both directions, back him. Then trot him on a lead and turn in both directions.
    06-27-2012, 10:43 PM
He is with my mare in a large pasture right now. As far as I can tell he is in no pain. And yes he had seen a vet recently for a checkup/shots and was fine. His feet are fine (were trimmed recently). He shows no signs of limping or being injured at all. I do lead him and do groundwork like that with him alot (because he never responds to riding) and he's fine with it, though I haven't tried trotting.
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    06-27-2012, 10:49 PM
Check his saddle fit.
How does he react when you bring the saddle to him? Relaxed and calm or does he freeze and tighten up, perhaps pinning his ears?
    06-27-2012, 11:02 PM
Super Moderator
Can you ride out with another person on the other horse for a bit? Jsut to break him out of this habit of ignoring your command to move. ? You will have to get him to move when you say,. And for that he's got to beleive that you have the authority to "make" him move. That's where the ground work comes in.
Look at some of the videos available online regarding ground work and lunging (you can do it without a round pen).

But, ride out with another person at some time to just get him moving some. I bet he'll move if he's following another horse.
    06-27-2012, 11:15 PM
His saddle is fine. I actually got a new one that fits him way better. And also he acts the same when I ride bareback.

Tinylily, that sounds like a good idea, but the problem is I'm the only one in my family that rides, and my other horse is still a little green. :/ but I'll look for videos and more info on groundwork. Do you have anything you'd recommend? Also I feel like part of the problem is he doesn't take me seriously. I'm small and don't have a strong personality, and he's really big and stocky. I don't have much physical strength, and at his previous owners he was ridden by men. But does that really matter with horses?
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    06-27-2012, 11:35 PM
Super Moderator
It does matter. If he is used to a very commanding presence, and I do think that more often than not men find it easier to project a commanding presence, then you will have to do some changing to your demeanor in how you work with him.

Have you had a chance to observe how those men worked with him? You will want to actually almost imitate them. Obviously, you can't BE them. But, there's somethign to be said for "acting as if". Meaning that you pretend to be the confident, commanding person.

I hear a lot of people say Clinton Anderson ground work is good. I don't personally know that, but that might be one to look into.

I am the only one who is horsey in MY family, too!
    06-27-2012, 11:43 PM
Do you ride with a whip? Sometimes all he needs is a firm tap to get him moving. Does he back up well under saddle?

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