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How to catch a horse

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        08-03-2009, 08:48 PM
    Originally Posted by nldiaz66    
    Riosdad: I have done that, run him til he is tired and just stops, but it didnt help.He will run the next time too.
    I can think of 3 horses I did that to and none of them ran again. A lady come in once covered with mud and very upset. Her little arab gelding couldn't be caught by her. I asked 2 others to help so the 4 of us went out and took up positions in the field so we each covered about a quarter of the field and when the horse came to your section you ran him off. We did this until he was very tired and he suddenly ran to his owner and this time she just let him come and he ran right up to her, she haltered him and off they went. He never ran again from her.

    I did one alone 2 winters ago for a lady. The field was a winter turn out and I had her lead my guy in the barn and then really got after her guy fencing him and forcing him to run as hard as he could along the fence. I ran him like this for 5 or 10 minutes, hard starts, hard stops until he suddenly turned to face me and I could see he wanted to give in. It was in his eyes so I walked up to him, telling him how good he was, put the neck rope on and walked him to the barn. Again he never ran again.

    My own guy is waiting by the gate by the time I get out of the truck. I don`t go in the field after him.
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        08-03-2009, 09:09 PM
    My first horse could be tricky to catch in certain situations (aka, being turned out with more than one other horse...). He just wouldn't let anyone walk up to him. You could lure him with food, but 20+ other horses came sooner and faster. Fortunately, when he was boarded, he came in with the herd and went to his stall, so he wasn't a trouble to the BM (believe me, I asked if he was constantly. The last thing I wanted was for my boy to be the snot no one wanted to deal with.). I did a lot of what Flitterbug suggested. Several of our workouts consisted of catching training. Once I got him to my farm, and I became the "main boss" all the time, he made great strides and became a gem 90% of the time, and a semi-precious stone the other 10%.

    My new horse I've never had to go 10 feet into the pasture to get him, he's at the gate waiting politely to be haltered when he sees me come around the barn, lol.
        08-03-2009, 10:02 PM
    Riosdad: what you are saying is run him down the fence line hard,til he is just really tired.I will try this, I'll have to get some people together as he is in 2 and a half acres.When I go out there and he runs, I usually make him keep running( if he doesnt let me catch him after he stops the first or second time), but I don't do it intil he is dead tired.So I will try it....Thanks and btw,he is a arabian.
        08-03-2009, 10:19 PM
    If I asked you to help me with something, and you said no, and I proceeded to scare the crap out of you and chase you until you gave up, would it make you want to work with me? Or would it just make you do what I wanted so that you didn't have to run? Horses always have a reason, that is part of the mystery that is so interesting to solve. It is either that the horse has never learned the skill of being caught by a human, or that horse has allowed itself to be caught and they decided that whatever the person had to offer was not worth it.

    Arabians are notoriously smart, and remember that an intelligent horses first instinct is self preservation. There are many physically compromising issues that people present on horses, the horse decides it would rather not deal with this, and then they become hard to catch.

    Properly catching the horses mind will virtually eliminate other problems. One feral horse that I worked with took one month to easily halter and lead, and that mare never batted an eye for tieing, vet, farrier, trailer loading, or any other basic handling skill. This was also a notoriously hot blooded horse breed that even the vet couldn't believe how relaxed she was for her first vaccination and trim.

    We can't just look at a problem as a problem, but as a starting point, if we bypass the root of this problem, then there will be more individual problems to hurdle.

    I want to offer the horses a feeling of comfort and trust, not fear. I have tried both, I have chased horses multiple times, and I did halter them, but I still hadn't completely caught them. When I found another option, and found that it made my life easier, I took it.
        08-03-2009, 10:54 PM
    Flitterbug: I understand what you are saying.
    When I go out there to catch him it is not just to work, I will bring him out of the pasture to groom him, ride or just to eat some nice green grass,so I don't think he looking at it as "WORK" all the time, understand what I'm saying?? There are times I can go out and walk right up to him but 80% of the time he runs as soon as I get 10ft. To him and he'll keep running if I walk toward him.When he did this before I did make him run intil he stopped and let me catch him to bring him out and it did work for a couple of months, I was able to walk right up to him and catch him (I was the ONLY person able to do this he would run from anyone else)take him out and do whatever I needed to do, but now he as started again, run, run,run. What do I do??
        08-04-2009, 08:46 AM
    Originally Posted by nldiaz66    
    riosdad: what you are saying is run him down the fence line hard,til he is just really tired.I will try this, I'll have to get some people together as he is in 2 and a half acres.When I go out there and he runs, I usually make him keep running( if he doesnt let me catch him after he stops the first or second time), but I don't do it intil he is dead tired.So I will try it....Thanks and btw,he is a arabian.
    2 1/2 acres is too hard to cover. Don't you have a smaller area like the arena. Turn him into this smaller area and then go to catch him.
    My guy is use to coming in daily for graining and I also always have a carrot or some treat in my pocket. IN short order they learn that you represent good things and will be waiting for you to show.
    I ran these guys because they were NOT mine. I did this once to each of these guys because they couldn't catch the horse.
    For my own I get a routine started. That routine involves daily graining and always a treat in my pocket.
    You decide.
        08-04-2009, 09:40 AM
    Since it's a sudden regression back to previous behavior, it's possible someone else went right up to him and frightened him when you weren't around.

    What I had to do (and still sometimes have to do) to catch my gelding is: I don't walk directly to him. I sort of zig zag like I'm not out there just to catch him, but that I'm out there checking out ground squirrel holes, flowers, the water trough, and eventually just take him in as well. It keeps him from going directly to the flight reaction.

    It might work for your guy. It might not. Worth a shot though.
        08-04-2009, 09:43 AM
    No I don't have a smaller area my horses are out on pasture 24/7.My horses come in everyday for grain too 2x's a day.So I will see what I can do to make catching him easier.
        08-04-2009, 09:51 AM
    Goldilockz: well I asked my husband and children but I know they wont do that,I don't know what his problem is,Pharaoh is a very smart horse.My horses are not boarded they are on my property.I have try what you said too and sometimes it works and sometimes not.So I guess I will just go out there even more now and just spend some time with him, doing really nothing and maybe he will just get use to me being out there even more and wont go into flight mode.I could just groom him and give him treats in the pasture,stuff like that.
        08-04-2009, 09:54 AM
    It may not have been someone who lives there. I've had to run off neighborhood children who were in our pasture trying to feed our horses treats. People don't think before trying to pet the pretty horsies. I hope that isn't what happened, but it's a possibility.

    I hope you get it figured out :)

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