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How do I tell her....

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        01-25-2008, 08:33 PM
    Green Broke
    How do I tell her....

    I just began lessons with a woman at my barn. Just today, she has done some really great things with thunder and gotten him further than I could in 15 min! (of course she is a professional). Now, he's a baby, so he's going to not listen the first time or so, and every once in a while forget something since he just learned it. Well she kept saying 'oh you need a chain' to him. My question is how do I tell her without insulting her, that I prefer not to use one? I mean after several tries, he picked up on things right away! I was so happy! He was barely in her space, and wasn't acting dangerous at all. It was small movements like walking before she said so and not backing up that made her want to use one. I just think with practice, he will know it right very good. I don't want to use a chain :( .
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        01-25-2008, 08:39 PM
    I would just be really straight forward. THe next time she says that you should or you need a chain, just politely say something like "Do you think we could see how far we can get without one first if that's okay?" or "I don't feel comfortable using a chain." Its very straight forward and It doesn't say anything AGAINST a chain it is more a personal preference of use or not. I would avoid saying that you don't like them or you don't like using them and more of uncomfortable with them or something.

    I just tend to be rather blunt with my trainer when she does something I don't like. I don't mean to but sometimes she gets a little rough with my moms 3y/o because she's used to training older horses and I let my "Mom" instincts of the horse take over for a minute.
        01-25-2008, 09:00 PM
    Green Broke
    Thanks! I think that's what ill do. I couldnt think of exactly what to say... BRAIN FART! Lol
        01-25-2008, 09:23 PM
    First of all, definitely tell her if your not comfortable using a chain. Second of all, why don't you want to use a chain? They work EXTREMELY well, and it only takes a few uses and then you won't need it. She's NOT going to hurt your horse, just get his attention. Don't take it the wrong way, just curious! I know some people don't like that stuff, and that's fine. But I do know if one of the people I give lessons to told me not to use a chain on their horse, I wouldn't agree with them. Some horses need a chain, a lot of trainers use them, they are useful tools. Even some natural horsemen use chains, they aren't severe.
        01-25-2008, 09:37 PM
    Yeah, if YOU are not comfortable with using a chain, or even the idea of using a chain, just tell her. :) It's better than bickering back & forth about using one or not, LOL! It's your horse, you make the choices! I think telling her in a positive manner is good, too.
    Good luck!
        01-25-2008, 11:52 PM
    I may be taking the situation in a whole different direction, but consider this:

    Is she only saying TO YOUR HORSE, "oh you need a chain!" or did she actually discuss the use of a chain with you?

    If she's only saying it to your horse, then maybe it's just like a habit that she says it. And she doesn't actually mean it. For example, I used to ride this somewhat stubborn POA. If he would do something naughty, his owner/my trainer would sometimes say, "We're going to turn you into some Pony Pepperoni!" Of course, she didn't actually mean we'd ship him off to the slaughterhouse!

    If I'm totally off base here, then I'd do as others suggested. Talk to her and let her know you don't want to use a chain. Maybe discuss other options such as a rope halter (even with the little knots on the nose).

    Another thing to consider...are you doing groundwork in training for show (Halter)? If so, you probably want to use the same type of equipment for training that you will use in your future shows. If your horse learns to only respond to a chain in training, then you'll have to use one for show as well.
        01-26-2008, 12:10 AM
    Green Broke
    Thanks guys! I think if it comes up anymore, then ill cross that bridge.we are not going to be showing, just trail riding, ect. He's just so mellow and he learns quick, I just don't think he needs it. I don't know, maybe we'll introduce it if it's necessary in the future, and ill just tell her to be gentle. I got a lot of good advice here with different opinions, so ill consider it all. Thanks again!

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