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How to get a horse to stop chasing cows when at liberty?

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    12-28-2012, 06:07 PM
Green Broke
Send her to Ian for a few months....

He's just got to promise not to get bucked off and not to get hurt because we want to see more of him training horses!
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    12-28-2012, 06:12 PM
Haven't read the other comments.

Id get rid of her. Sell. Give away. Have her put down. Whatever
    12-28-2012, 06:14 PM
LOL Elana, he's a looooonnnnggg ways away from me!!! Idk how that would even be possible. Nice thought though!
Janna, you don't even know how tempting it is.....if I could make it happen I sure would....
    12-28-2012, 06:46 PM
Green Broke
What a pity. Sounds like the horse is just bored. I am with everyone else. She might make someone a great team penning horse if properly trained. If the land/pastures are yours, tell FIL horse has got to go. If the pastures/land is his that is another quandary.

Even if FIL lives in la la land, surely he will see that running the cows through the fence isn't good for cows, horses or humans. On the other hand - he could just be an idiot. Lots of those running around reproducing.
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    12-28-2012, 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by QOS    
If the land/pastures are yours, tell FIL horse has got to go. If the pastures/land is his that is another quandary.

On the other hand - he could just be an idiot. Lots of those running around reproducing.
My FIL only owns 3 acres, we own 61 (64 total). I have, and i'll be telling him until he actually does something, or I don't want to hear it when I do, plain and simple.
And you hit he nail on the head there rotflmao ;)
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    12-29-2012, 12:15 AM
Green Broke
LOL yeah...sometimes the resulting griping, pissing and moaning makes you want to drop kick them for a field goal.

But in this case, repairing fences could make me break nails, rip my pantyhose, break a get the idea. Not something I want to do so FIL would have to do something with this PITA horse - better yet, put the horse on his 3 acres and surround the 3 acres with a heavy duty fence.
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    12-29-2012, 10:25 AM
QOS, Yeah that is pretty much what he does everytime I mention something, and yes i've thought about it on several occasions....LOL

I'm really starting to consider the idea, and then some. half tempted to put his horse in his basement (then maybe he'd get the idea)
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    12-29-2012, 01:27 PM
Green Broke
You go girl. He could have "Miss Ed" in his basement if he thinks she is all of that and a bag of chips.

I do not have any desire to be around a horse that is mean just to be a jerk!. That can be extremely dangerous and I am a very cautious chick.

I had my two horses standing pretty much butt to butt awhile ago while I was cleaning Biscuit's hooves. My horses don't kick (not to say they wouldn't - they are horses) but I didn't have to move one of them just to clean the others hooves. I can be all up in their Kool Aid and not worry that they are going to bite me, kick me or run over me.

My half sister that I haven't seen in 40 years (since I was 14!) came to Texas this week with her 15 year old son. He has never rode a horse so hubby got Biscuit and the nephew led him up the ranch road - about 200 yards. Biscuit was a doll and I put my nephew on him in the small arena. Biscuit would just walk around with him. That is what I expect out of my horses - good behavior. Tell FIL that you can't tolerate the bad behavior as someone is going to get hurt or killed. Be nice but be firm. Good luck - your biggest problem isn't the horse - it is the FIL!!!
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    12-29-2012, 06:43 PM
A little off topic

Believe me QOS, I know, i've been facing this obstacle for 3 years now. His mare had a foal (whom is now mine if you look up Storm Chaser), and he got really sick with strangles @ 6mos, he wouldn't even pay the vet bill. And he kept trying to sell him because he was really sick, I thought I was going to lose him, but I pulled him through. And I straight up told him then, either pay the vet bill or give me the colt, so my husband got him for me or it was going to get ugly (technically we got him for $119).
I tried breaking his mare gently after we weaned the colt, she's tossed me 3 times, and him (she gave the ride of his life LOL) once. So I quit before I got seriously hurt to the point where I couldn't work with mine. And I told him a bucker needs professional training (and i'm far from one).
In the mean time, when I go to work with mine, his mare has come up and chased or bit my horses to chase them away, I ended up slammed into a tree, a fence gate, pushed into the electric fence, and knocked down, not to mention the numerous times she's bitten me. She even managed to cause me to get a concussion, because she chased my mare who is always with me, and she had no where to go, but over (i was kneeling checking/cleaning their water). My mare jumped over me, accidentally knocking me in the head with a front hoof, missed me completely with the back, and turned around to see if I was ok, never leaving my side until I got up. I was so upset, and I chased her(FIL mare) away from the rest of the horses, and into the next pasture and locked her in there, and went to ice my head.
So I know this has gotten dangerous. All of my horses have manners, they all come and patiently wait for their turn, and know not to scuffle around when people are out and about (unless they are a good distance away). I know they are horses, and things happen unexpectedly, but wow. I told my FIL that if I got injured one more time because of her antics, she has to go, end of story. I would hate if I had company and she did something like that to someone else, esp kids.
That is great that your horses have such confidence and trust in you and with eachother. Mine are slowly getting there
As of today, we made her her own little pasture, and she still has run of half of the barn, and has her own round bale and sharing a water tub (the fence has plenty of juice ) And its on my FIL property!!!!!
Thank you for your advice, and thoughts.
Here is a pic of her colt.
kittens and stormys first day out 018.jpg
    12-29-2012, 07:55 PM
Green Broke
Give or sell the horse to someone who lives a goodly distance away, knock a hole in your fence, call the FIL to complain about having to repair the fence yet again and let him know his horse has gone missing through the fence. Problem solved.
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