How to get our horse to 'go' without me right there

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How to get our horse to 'go' without me right there

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        05-10-2007, 06:16 PM
    How to get our horse to 'go' without me right there

    We havent had Nancy very long, she is the sweetest old girl in the world, and so gentle with the kids.
    Oldest daughter has taken her around the yard with no problems, but today when I got youngets daughter on her Nancy wouldnt go anywhere without me walking by her side. Its very sweet and Im glad she likes me enough to follow me around, but I was trying to get DD to ride on her own, but Nancy stood stock still and wouldnt move unless I walked along beside her, turned when I turned and stopped when I stopped, I didnt even have a leading rein on her!

    We tried lunging so youngest daughter could have a bit more control but nancy would go for a few paces then turn towards me and stand still. She is taking all her direction and instruction from me instead of the rider- how do I get her to pay attention to who is actually sitting on her?

    What can I do to get nancy to walk forward without me at her side? I don't want her taking off into the wilds, but justa little walk around the yard would be great! :roll:
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        05-11-2007, 11:03 AM
    Please - any advice?

    We tried again today, and nancy wouldnt budge unless I walked along beside her. I don't need any kind of leading rein on her - she just follows me wherever I walk and pays not the slightest attention to my daughter who is sitting on her!

    If I go in the house and oldest Daughter jumps on her then she can get her to go around the yard with no problems, but I don't want to leave youngest daughter trying to do the same, I did try having youngest daughter sat on Nancy and eldest held her while I walked to the other end of the yard, as soon as eldest let go nancy came straight over to me and wouldnt respond at all to youngest daughter trying to turn her in a different direction - what can I do?
        05-11-2007, 12:38 PM
    You have an awesome horse! She is taking great care of your little girl and not all horses will do this. She may not feel like your daughter has enough control or confidence and is looking to you for help. I'd put her on a lunge line and keep her close at first. Meanwhile I'd foucs on helping your daughter with her cues and basic riding skills. IMO once your daughter gets more confident and has the ability to enforce her cues a little more, your horse will be a little more willing to take commands from her. My old mare is the same way and I'd take a personality like that over a horse that either doesn't care or doesn't know the difference any day. I just lead my kids around for now. Soon they will get the hang of riding and then they can handle it on their own.

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