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        09-16-2009, 01:28 PM
    Originally Posted by MacabreMikolaj    
    I had the exact same problem with an Arab mare that came to me as a rescue. She'd kick like a demon if anyone even touched her hind end.

    I solved it quickly and safely by using a very soft cotton rope. I simply looped it around her fetlock (not with an actual loop, just both ends in my hand with the end of it cradling her fetlock. I would increase the pressure and firmly ask "foot". She kicked something fierce, but with only a soft rope, no damage was done and she was able to easily be free of it as soon as I released the pressure. I just let her kick against the tension in the rope, talking to her and soothing her until she realized nothing bad was happening.

    Just a few sessions of this and I was able to graduate to actually picking up her back foot and progressing with working on them in typical fashion. Within a month she was standing beautifully for the farrier.

    Actually restraining a rescue horse who's only acting out of fear is just plain dumb. She may get her back feet again, but it's going to take twice as long to train her properly. I understand her feet are an issue, but with just some gentle sessions she can easily be schooled in the proper direction and enjoy a lifetime of good feet with no force.

    Best of luck!
    Very good method!!! You and you're friend should be doing this everyday. Don't release the pressure until the foot stops moving. At first as soon as it stops put it down but after a while then you can ask for longer and longer.
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        09-18-2009, 08:29 AM
    I would sedate the horse in an extreme situation.
        09-18-2009, 10:50 AM
    What is the horse doing? If it's kicking or being stubborn/disrespectful the other's suggestions will work. However, depending on how old the horse is, what exactly it's doing, or even how long the problem has been going on it may be a pain issue. You say she's a rescue horse she could have some back issues related to her previous circumstances.

    My old mare has a REALLY difficult time picking her back legs up and keeping them up. She is arthritic and sore in her back end, so when I'm trimming her hooves I work quickly and give her lots of rest time. Before I realized what was going on there was a farrier out trimming her and he got "rough" with her because he said she was being disrespectful/rude. It didn't help the problem and I ended up having someone else come out. After working with her the second guy told me that in his opinion it had nothing to do with attitude, it was actually pain. What seemed like her being disrespectful (pulling leg way up, almost falling on you, pulling leg away) was actually her trying to balance herself. So when he asked for her leg he let her pull it up and he allowed her to balance herself without interference on his part. Once she was balanced he slowly moved her leg into position. No more problems. She still needed more frequent breaks, but he gave them to her and it worked out fine.

    Just a thought.

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