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I Am SO Proud of my Horse!!

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    06-30-2011, 06:11 AM
I Am SO Proud of my Horse!!

I board at a perdomitly quarter horse farm and I get so tired of people constantly saying how "Thoroughbreds aren't smart, they are bred for their speed"
Well my mare is VERY intelligent! It took me one day to teach her to pick up her right front leg or left front leg by pointing at them and when she picks up her right leg I say "Head down" and she arches her neck and puts her head inbetween her legs, like a bow but she doesn't go to the ground) I was absolutley SOOOO proud of her!!! She also learned "Kiss" I lean my head down and say "Kiss" and she softly pushes her lips to my face. I am absolulty amazed at how intelligent she is!!!
She is doing so well with ground manners and behaving, the main problems I come across is when I walk out into her feild she will come to me but does not like being touched, when I reach out to touch her she walks away. She will let me halter her just fine just not pet her. Also I can see when I am brushing her she isn't the fondest of it. She does enjoy her tail being scratched though
I only got my mare a few months back and all she has ever done is been a race horse so when it comes to riding she has a lot to learn. I have done a lot of green breaking on horses but am currently retraining my mare so any helpful tips on how to teach her to yeild to the legs and to be calmer while riding would be greatly appreciated. (I've done work with her on the ground where I put pressure on her side so she steps with her back legs over, the reins control the front the legs control the back of the horse, but none of this carries over while I'm riding her because she thinks any leg pressure means GO)
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    06-30-2011, 09:16 AM
Wow! I would learn to do that with my horse, and I think your right they are inteligent horses!

How did you get her to learn them things?
    06-30-2011, 12:00 PM
I must say I am totally on your side with this as well. I have a TB and he is just the smartest little booger. But... for ME. Everyone at my barn down talked him for months when I bought him. He's dumb, he's lazy, etc.
Nope, he's not. He'll do anything I ask him to do and some things I need him to do without asking, like shifting his weight to catch my dumb self when I over balance.
That is so cool that you taught your horse to do those things. Everyone should be eating their words at your barn right now! :)
    07-01-2011, 02:14 AM
About a month ago I started to teach her to bow. (I would show her a treat and let her follow my hand inbetween her legs until she came down) But she kept knocking her head on her knees or her knees would buckle out becuse she is so tall. So I decided I wanted to find an easier way to do the trick, something that wouldnt be uncomfortable for her. I taught her this in the barn but it is best to not have your horse tied so if your horse will wonder off do it in a round pen. I took a treat, handful of grain/carrot what ever I had and let her smell it then I would rub the front of her leg, letting her know I wanted her to do something with the leg. As soon as she moved the leg I touched even if she just barely picked it up I would immediately reward her. I saw it was easy to work with the leg she was more comfortable with, for my mare it was her left leg. If your horse doesn't understand pick her foot up and then give her the treat. Then you can move to rubbing her leg (On the front of her chest) and ask for it. Use a simple term that she can relate to it, a word you don't use for anything else. After she started picking up her leg on command I would hold the treat by her chest and say head down. The next time you ask for her to lift her leg by rubbing it say head down and she should naturally put it there looking for the traet. Everytime she does it reward her immediately.
The kiss trick I taught her while she was in her stall. Her stall is low and there is a space she can put her head through. I was in the barn and she kept putting her head through trying to get my attention. Well I would hold a handful of grain and put my head close to hers and say "kiss" she didn't understand at first but she would nudge me with her head and everytime she did I would say kiss right away and give her a treat after. When I took her out of the stall I would lower my head and say "Kiss" and she would nudge me. The only thing with this trick is you have to be careful because horses that are pushy tend to shove with their noses and can hurt you if they swing their heads up to fast. That's why I lower my head so she doesnt have to move far to give me a kiss. If your horse gets ruff say "No" loudly and do not reward them. I am going to try and start recording the tricks I teach her so when I post it I'll give you the web address. It's kind of hard describing word for word the way to teach tricks because every horse is a little different but I hope I did it well enough. I am really proud of her and its crazy how quick she learns. It's like it takes me a week to think of something I want her to do and ten min for her to learn it lol!
And yes, they are ALL eating their words. They didn't believe me when I told them yesterday so when they were all there today I walked her up and she did without me even having to touch her. All by voice command, it was truly amazing! And I don't see their quarter horses doing it, lol! Although they could if they were taught.

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