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I didnt know how bad it was till today

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        07-28-2009, 03:54 PM
    That would be great I just e mailed a guy that comes to your house twice a week I'm waiting to hear back from him.
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        07-29-2009, 04:24 AM
    For his spooking problems, I'd suggest just working AROUND him with his combs, brushes, blankets... Hell, plastic sacks even. Just show him that they are there, but that they are NOT out to hurt him. Once he accepts the presence of random items you may be carrying around, get closer. This might take a while, but just inch closer day by day or session by session if you mess with him more than once a day. Set a comb near him, let him sniff it out and figure out that it's not going to get him. Eventually you should be able to work more safely around him. I know it's not your everyday desensitizing activity-- it's less direct and time-consuming, but if he's really as flighty around items you hold as you say he is, typical desensitizing methods could prove dangerous for both you and your horse.
        07-29-2009, 08:09 AM
    Yeah I did the bag thing yesterday it was ok till the wind picked up and I lost him..I have a trainer that is going to start coming out starting the 6th so I hope we cam beat this
        07-29-2009, 08:30 AM
    encouraging example

    My friend bought a palomino 12 years ago. After the purchase she quickly learned that the horse had been severely abused (by a man) who barrel raced her. She couldn't even get on her mare, she'd do everything she could to get you off. She did get the advice of a trainer who said it could take 6 months of ground work to earn her trust. That was time well spent. The horse is now 25 years old and is the biggest sweetheart you can imagine and has turned into a super trail horse. I ride her occassionally for my friend and it's always a pleasure. She still has her moments of shaking when she's unsure about a situation. But she was slowly rehabbed from "very dangerous" to a great equine partner. I hope your paint works out for you as well. Em
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        07-29-2009, 09:13 AM
    Well I can say this any money spent with a trainer for a problem horse is money well spent if you don't know what your doing so that is why I am having no problems with spending the money to get this fixed. I will up date his progress and I'm actually going to make a YouTube series about it
        07-29-2009, 11:23 AM
    Sounds like you have it handled. I'm glad you are going in the right direction before someone accidentally gets hurt. I look forward to seeing his progress with your YouTube updates.

    You seem to be giving him a better chance at a good life rather then just shipping him off to an auction. He's lucky to have found you!
        07-30-2009, 03:40 PM
    Do you have a small or medium turn out area? Turn him out in it... Place "Horse Eating things" lol as horses see them. Tarps, cones, barrels, hang empty jugs on fence, Flags to blow in the wind, bubble machines... Anything that you think may scare him... but keep in mind don't put anything in there that he can cut or hurt himself on... hang things near his feed buckets so that he must tolerate them to eat... try walking him around the items (Wear gloves to prevent rope burn). Talk him through it... Make games out of it. If noise bothers him hang wind chimes around in trees and on fences near him... Give him treats and praise when he does well... don't let him walk directly behind you so that if he spooks he does go run over the top of you.
        08-03-2009, 08:04 AM
    Just want to vent some frustration here and wonder if anyone has ever had a problem like this.

    Yesterday I had him tied to a post out in the pature because I have come to find he is more unstable in the barn then out.So I was putting on his bridle and was about to buckle it on and I have no clue what spooked him but he jerked back so hard it snapped the o ring on his halter like it wasnt even there and took off.Saddle ,bridle half on running like a wild horse.

    WHen I am on him not a thing has spooked him..I can ride him anywere and everywhere.The other day next door they were building a tree house and just as I rode by they had dropped a big piece of wood and it made a loud crash and even made me jump but Diego didnt even flench.But as soon as I get off he is a time bomb.Birds,bees,papsacks.Everything spooks him. And I am having the hardest time even introducing things to him to help desencitize because he would litterly rip my arm off it I tryed to hold on.The trainers are coming out on sunday for two hours and we are doing a few hours a week of ground work for how ever long it takes..I have no round pin all I have is a 4 acre pasture so its hard for me to do some of the things suggested.
        08-03-2009, 08:32 AM
    It seems that he is putting his trust in his rider. Strange that he looses that trust on the ground.

    I would leave it to the pros at this point. One thing that you might want to consider when you are tacking him up have him tied is using a "Tie Blocker" Blocker Tie RIng
        08-03-2009, 11:30 AM
    Originally Posted by iridehorses    
    A friend of mine is a cutting horse trainer in Stephenville. I'll ask him for you.
    Iride, do you know any in MD as well you could recommend?

    To the OP: 3 weeks is nothing if the horse had issues in past. Building trust can take way more then that. I got my paint heavily abused and wild and it took me a year before I started to use farrier on her without the fear she'll hurt him (no, she didn't go untrimmed. Lol! I trimmed her myself, started very, very slowly about a month after I got her). Just take it very, very easy and slow and don't expect it to be overnight, or in week, or even in month or several months. Progress is really slow thing to happen. :) Good luck!

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