I dont know what to do..

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I dont know what to do..

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        04-19-2008, 12:12 PM
    I dont know what to do..

    I suppose this should go in the training section since that's mainly what its about. I've posted pictures of my 7yr haflinger gelding, Samson. Well I can't make up my mind as to what to do about him..I've watched over this horse for over a year now before I even bought him. The people who had him all but forgot he even existed. I made sure he was groomed, given attention, and that his feet we're being done (the only things I could control). When I first got him, I was able to see him everyday but I was barely getting any hours and paying for things was getting kind of rough. Now I have full time and paying for his board and such is no problem but now I don't have the time to drive out and see him except maybe two times a week on my days off.
    Sammy is green broke. I've been on his back and walked and trotted him around the yard and he does okay but he doesnt understand commands very well and gets frustrated easily. I don't have a lot of riding experience and I'm in the process of trying to get lessons. I have zero experience with training horses but I also know that I don't have the money to hire someone to train him the way he should be. He's got so much potential and I feel that I'm holding him back from all that he could accomplish.
    I'm also outrageously paranoid that if I sell him, he will be neglected again or moved from home to home. He can be a difficult horse to understand. When he gets into trouble either with other horses, or even when I had a friend lunge him, he comes running straight for me like he expects me to protect him from all the bad things now. I want to be able to ride him or maybe give him a home that can afford to train him the way that he should be trained but the thought of not having him makes me break down and cry.

    What do you think I should do?
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        04-19-2008, 01:21 PM
    If you don't have the time, experience or money to train him properly (not saying you aren't a good rider, but it is completely different riding a young, untrained horse than a completely trained horse) ... maybe you should consider selling him. There are steps you can take to ensure that your horse goes to a good home, and that you can still have rights with him.
    I would suggest talking to some reputable rescues about legal forms that you can put in place so you can visit him and make sure he isn't being abused or neglected, and if he is, you can take him back.
    You can also moste definitely screen possible new homes - you can go visit them and make sure the facility is up to your standards.

    I hope maybe some of this advice helped...
        04-19-2008, 01:32 PM
    Thats a really good idea actually! With something like that, I would feel soo much better about him going. Just being able to see him every once in a while would make me happy.
        04-19-2008, 03:24 PM
    You could also lease him out to someone who is willing to work with him for a reduced price. A lot of people do that and they get to keep their horse, make some money AND the horse gets more exercise and attention.
        04-19-2008, 06:06 PM
    Green Broke
    Well I have a question. If you WOULD be willing to sell him how much would you be asking? Where are you located? If your looking for a good horse I have a beginner safe TB mare if you'd be willing to do a trade, let me know.
        04-19-2008, 11:10 PM
    I was asking $1,500 for him when I had him for sale last time. I'm located in Florida and I wouldnt trade him. Hehe its silly to trade a horse that I don't have the time for, for another one.
        04-21-2008, 05:21 PM
    Is there an experienced rider at your stable? Or is it strickly just boarding? Because if there is an experienced rider that doesn't have a horse, you can do like an exchange or something. They don't have to pay a fee to lease him, but he gets more experience.
        04-21-2008, 07:50 PM
    Its a private boarding barn. Theres a trainer there from Arabian Nights but he's currently training his two drafts and the lady who owns the place is usually very busy. =(
        04-21-2008, 08:12 PM
    I think leasing him out would be a good idea. ;)
        04-21-2008, 10:55 PM
    I think your making a nice choice or option for him and you.
    You could always try leasing him out to a friend that is a very good rider. Some people like to lease projects.
    Our, something else that would be really good is that you could put an ad for someone to ride him (that has a good amount of riding experience and can train horses) three days a week, maybe, and you could ride/see him the other two, without leasing him out. Of course, that would mean you would pay all the expenses, but you'd be in charge of him.
    Only and idea! Good luck!

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