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I dont know what to do anymore :( !

I have had my horse since he was 6 months old. I halter broke him trained him to lead & at 2 1/2 I started getting him used to the saddle & soon broke him to ride. by 3 he was pretty well trained I took him to prades & could ride him any where. Since hes turned four our relationship has gone to Hell (excuse me but that's the best way to put it).Last summer he got injured & couldnt be worked. I had to sell the other 2 horses because didn't have time for 3.since hes turned four I got busy coaching basketball & didn't get a whole lot of time with him my step dad & I also did summer basketball which Took up the summer. & now Im about to start doing online college classes which means even less time. The time I have had time to mess with him his behavior scares me to the point Im too scared to even be around him. He's started biting (which he knows better)
Rearing, bucking,kicking bolting anything & everything. Our dog has also recently picked up the habit of chasing him & barking at him which she used to Never do.
& since shes chased him hes gotten even worse toward me & when he see the dogs he flips out. Everyone told me its because hes gotten lazy because he doesn't have a job to do. I haven't ridden him since june Because one time the dog chased him & he chipped off his hooves & we finally got them grown back out & fixed (were trying to rehome the dog no one wants her)
now im scared of him. He also was chewing on his hooves
( He was vetted Nothing wrong with them either). Basically hes gotten Bored because I didn't have time to do alot with him & now hes a jerk. I want the relationship I had with him back But im scared to get hurt. My Parents want me to sell him & find a older horse but I love him & im attached Ive had him since he was weened so it wouldnt be easy. I have so much I want to do with him I wish I wouldn't have coached summer basketball because I was gone all day everyday :( & thats when he started getting worse. I try to show him whos boss & he gets ten times worse today I got him out & was walking him & he was doing good & he drug me to the grass & i went to pull his head up from the grass to turn around & he reared up at me I jerked him down & i tried to turn him when he went to rear again to prevent the rear so then he bucked & bolted jerking me forward & pulling the rope out of my hand Once i got ahold of him again he Reared up finally my dad told me to get him in the feild & put him up & leave him alone. he doesnt act like this with anyone else He did it to my boy friend one time & my boy friend jerked him down & gave him a smack in the Chest & contuined walking him & he hasnt done it since. ( i have done the same thing & he doesnt stop)

I can't get any help from any one I have tried not even my parents they say I need to either Suck it up & quit being scared or sell him.

I think some of this may also be his diet & because hes spoiled hes turned out 24/7 & can do as he pleases & hes being feed round bales so he can eat what he wants because hes not an easy keeper but hes starting to become over weight because I cant exercise him Im to scared. I try to show him whos the boss & he charges me shows his teeth & bites me or bucks at me.
Some days I can go get him out & walk him & put him up & hes fine but most of the time hes hateful. his ground manners used to be soo good & now hes awful he paws the ground & pulls back when hes tied.

Please give me some advice Im really considering selling him but I would rather not.

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Sounds like you don't have as much time to spend with him and the time you do spend with him your afraid of getting hurt. (Believe me, I know both areas). Can you send him to a trainer or work with a trainer? If not, my thought are it might be best for both you and him to sell him to someone who has time for him.
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You seem to have an untrained horse and dog. Certainly not enough time to train this horse. Is he gelded? If not, do that asap.

It seems to me, as though his basic training, might never have been done properly to begin with. Whether you trained him well or not, he obviously has absolutely no respect for you at this time. And yes, he could quite well hurt you, by what you say. He obviously does have some respect for others, but not for you.

I tend to think, you should not own any horse at this time, with the little time to have to spare. Also, you are already afraid of this horse and back down to him. And he already has learned that. I don't think it will get any better. Sorry to say that, but it is my thinking.

Sending him to a pro trainer might shape him up, but what happens when he comes back to you? The same will most probably happen again. Certainly he might respect the trainer, but again, not you.

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I truley understand but... sometimes out of love we have to do what is best for them even though it might hurt us. If you can find someone who will ride him, love him and give him a job which will make HIM happy,that is what you have to do. At this time Ii think your parents are right and older horse that is dead broke and can sit for months at a time between rides will much more enjoyable for both of you. This guy is young and needs daily attention and by that I mean more than just feeding.I mean what is up with the hoof chewing???? That is a horse that needs a job!!! I have never ever ever heard of that!! Just my two cents ,hope it helps.
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The way I see it, you have some options. They're just not attractive ones.

You could find someone to help you with him, whether you send him somewhere or have someone come to you. It has to be someone with experience dealing with rank horses. Don't be surprised if they earn his respect much quicker than you. But here is the key -- you have to commit 100% to doing it. Which means making the time, and learning from whomever you get to help you.

You could try to find someone who wants a project horse to lease. This is only a good option, however, if you will have time later. Which, unless you make it a priority, is not really likely. Life often gets in the way, you know?

You could sell him. If you choose this option, you could do as others suggested and get a very broke horse that doesn't need daily handling, or you could take some lessons.

I wish you luck.
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Im doing online College classes to become a vet tech which Is going to keep be busy
but I will have to be at home to take my classes. & I wont being doing any extra actives besides college & my horse. There was never any problem with his training.
I could do anything with this horse before. I rode him in parades on trails on the road anywhere But when he turned four there was lots of major changes in his life like we sold the other 2 horses I got really busy & we switched him from me going out every day feeding him to him feeding himself . the reason we switched to round bales is because my dads friend sells them to us for $20 & they are the best quailty round bales you can get around here & its down the road so it makes it eaiser getting hay & we don't have to store tons of hay at my house he keeps the hay in his hay barn & we get it as needed. I really think he needs a Horse friend that he can play with instead of beating up on me but its hard to afford it when
you have 5 dogs & people keep dropping

The dog was a stray that stayed & we had her for 2 years & she never bothered the horse till this Lady bothered my mom about having the dog because she just Loved her & wanted her so much & then 3 days later she dropped her in the parking lot of the shelter after she was told to call us if it didnt work out I saw her on a poster of dogs for adoption & she was about to be put to sleep & we went to get her back & someone from out of state had adopted her & then they couldn't keep her because of the pitbull ban & shes not even a pitbull. So we had to drive 3 hours & meet them to get her back.When we brought her back home she was happy to be home but started chasing the horse. So I don't know whats up with her I can't seem to find anyone thats going to be good to her to take her everyone thinks shes a pitbull when shes clearly not since everyone thinks shes a pitbull its hard to rehome her. & i cant just let the dog go some where & be mistreated. We have started Keeping her tied up & keeping her out of the feild she still does it sometimes but no as often but Shes some of the reason why hes so spooky around dogs.

& Yes he chewed on his hoof A few days ago I posted about it asking why I called the vet theres nothing wrong with his hooves at all. I can't get a trainer Not a decent one that I could afford Not with having to pay for college at the moment & most of the people around me train Gaited horses & english & the few that do western training only want to train for Shows.

I would Love to keep him I just do know how to start rebuling our relationship & Im having trouble getting over my fear of him. I have looked into buying another horse & for some reason everyone thinks that Untrained unbroke horses are worth a lot & its jacked up the prices of well broke horses. & at this point no ones gonna pay much for my horse. Getting rid of him would kill me I would probably be even more upset then I am with whats going on with him because I raised him. & many of times he was the only thing i had to look forward too & im not blaming him for his beahvior I know its my fault for being too busy I just wanna fix it & have my bestfriend back

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Do you have a friend that is experienced and confident? Maybe your boyfriend? It doesn't need to be a "trainer" if the person is competent. I am blessed with many friends far more knowledgeable than myself. If I run into a problem, tjey are all more than willing to help out for the orice of a dinner or a beer.

If you can, build a run for the dog. She will be miserable tied up all the time, and yet, she can't be allowed to chase horses.
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Okay, here's the thing. He is NOT your best friend. He is a horse, and should be treated like a horse.

You obviously do not have the time to give him what he needs, and probably won't for quite some time.

This horse is unruley, disrespectful and a danger to not only you, but everyone he comes into contact with. This is the type of horse that needs attention daily, to be worked with daily. This is the type of horse that'll take a mile if you give him an inch. He needs consistency. You aren't giving that to him. You can't just expect him to be this great horse when you haven't done anything with him in months besides throw a roundbale to him and check his water a few times a week.

Even spending 30 minutes grooming him will end up being a training session and make him more mindful of you and his manners.

If you are scared of him, sell him.
If you can't provide training for him, sell him.
If you can't commmit to daily work with him, sell him.
If you can't find someone to work with you, sell him.
If you can't give him what he so desperately needs, sell him.

This post may sound harsh, but it's the truth. He is not getting what he needs from you. You really need to sit down and think if you can provide for him the way he should be provided for. Put the selfish feelings of undying love aside and do what's right by this horse. Right now, you are not doing him any favors and your actually creating a problem horse. He's only going to get worse and worse as time goes on. It'll be hard enough to rehome him with how he is right now, but think of how much worse it'll be after he seriously injures you. You won't be able to give him away.

"The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with
him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."

-Samuel Butler
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If you can't devote at least an hour a day to your horse you really need to look into some alternative options.

I used to work 7 days a week, 6-7 hours a day, but still managed to find time to spend for my ponies. Granted there training was slow.

I think, even with taking college courses at home you can still manage an hour a day to mess with your horse, even if it's all unmounted. Start with just leading him around his paddock, making him turn and make transitions, practice all his yielding skills and meet every act of disrespect like it's the worst thing in the world. Get him behaving. If you don't have an hour a day to mess with your horse then it'd be best to rehome him to someone who does. Regardless of how good he was selling him now will be hard - it may have to be 'free to good home'.

He won't magically turn back into the horse you used to play with, because you playing with him is what made him that horse. You need to either spend time with him or rehome him, he's very young and clearly has a busy mind and is finding ways to occupy his busy mind.

I really feel for you, it's tough being tight on time, but you need to assess your priorities. Is he at the top of the list or the bottom? I find I waste a lot of time during the day fiddling online - I'm sure if I knocked that off I'd have even more time for my horses. But my internet time is the only time during the day where I can actually stop moving, so to me, that's a priority, sometimes my horses miss out on their daily training in order for me to rest, sometimes I miss out on my rest for them to train. That's something for you to decide and be honest with yourself.
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Originally Posted by aforred View Post
Do you have a friend that is experienced and confident? Maybe your boyfriend? It doesn't need to be a "trainer" if the person is competent. I am blessed with many friends far more knowledgeable than myself. If I run into a problem, tjey are all more than willing to help out for the orice of a dinner or a beer.

If you can, build a run for the dog. She will be miserable tied up all the time, and yet, she can't be allowed to chase horses.
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My boy friend is willing to help me as much as possible. Lucky you I have ZERO friends with horse knowledge My real dad does he used to train show horses but hes not interested in his kids :/ & the dogs not left tied all the time
we let her run in the mornings She goes all over our property 30 acres
(all mountian side lol ) & then she comes back & we tie her up If we leave & were not here to catch her or if she starts chasing him & we let her run all over our property again in the evenings because shes hyper she doesn't like to play we have tried getting her energy out like that she just wants to Run all over the woods Till shes tired.

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my heart plays the song <3
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