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I dont know what to do (sorry long post)

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        09-13-2012, 07:58 AM
    Oops-just saw you are in Thunder Bay. Maybe you could see if there are any of the Extreme Mustang Trainers in MN?
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        09-13-2012, 09:41 AM
    I wouldn't trust the opinion of any trainer who recommends "cowboying." Is this a legitimate trainer with good references?
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        09-13-2012, 11:03 AM
    I just spoke to the trainer again. She said I could come over tomorrow morning and watch him being worked. She has decided not to ride him again and is now planning on ground driving him. I will try and get some videos. I am disappointed and frustrated because I have waited a year for someone to ride my horse and it seems that still is not going to happen.I can only afford to keep him at this trainers another week at most (sorry just venting here). So typically what comes after ground driving ? I am not a trainer so I don't know the progression of these things. In the 2 weeks that she has had him the first week she did nothing with him because he was settling in the next week she tried riding him once and said he had severe issues, and for one reason or another has not worked with him since and when I asked her today if she rode him again she said no she was going to do ground driving tomorrow and Sunday (she has other commitments on Saturday). I am so discouraged I feel like just bringing him home,putting my big girl pants on and try working with him myself. In the past year I have tried to get him to a trainer, or get trainers to come to me. I even offered him as a free lease to an experienced rider as a project horse and couldnt get anyone to even come and see him.Seems like people are not interested in doing things like that in my area.
        09-13-2012, 11:14 AM
    Training is dangerous and requires skill. Not many people are willing to train someone else's horse for free when there's plenty of broke horses one can find to ride for free.

    He sounds like he's maybe just had too much at once. New people, new places, etc.

    Are you able to just spend time with him? Hand walking, grooming, bathing, work on tying, sitting quietly near him, etc? Try treating him like an abuse case -- low key, low expectations, low goals. The trainer sounds cruddy - I hope her fee is reflecting how much she actually did with the horse and not what she maybe would have done if only. Take riding out of the equation and take it all nice and slow. Build a relationship with him.
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        09-13-2012, 11:51 AM
    DA I have owned this horse for over a year now all we have done is ground work. I spend min. 1 hour a day with him, walking, petting, grooming, teaching ground manners, lungeing with and without tack. Going for walks on trails and over and through little obstical courses I have made in the field, hand grazing and practicing going in and out of the trailer. Its true he is a very nervous and spooky horse but I don't really know how to build a better relationship with him than I already have.(I even paid one of those horse psychics to do a reading on him). He doesnt seem to really like people much. I have never asked anyone to train him for free (well except offering him as a free lease) but I can't seem to even pay someone to work with him. I have talked to 4 different trainers other than the one I have now. 2 of them didn't have facilities and wanted to come to me but when I explained I didnt have a round pen or riding ring they were not interested. The third girl I tried to hire said she would come and just never showed up and never answered any texts or phone messages. The 4th girl did come once (I trailered my horse to a boarding stable that had a round pen). She rode him in the ring and said he didnt know much as far as leg commands went. We schedualed another meeting but she cancelled saying she lost her drivers liscence and would contact me when she could come back out and I never heard from her again.
    To be honest I don't know what the trainer is charging me I do know the board alone is something like 200$ a week. I will try and find out exactly how much she is charging for the training tomorrow when I go over. I have asked but she has not really been giving me any definate answers. He is on hay and a ration balancer along with a small amount of safe choice so I don't think he has nutritional problems but I will definitely check it out with my vet as soon as I bring him home.
        09-13-2012, 12:00 PM
    What about getting some videos and adding new things to the groundwork? I started doing Clinton Anderson exercises with my horse and that helped with our relationship a LOT -- it set the tone that I'm in charge and not him (he was pushy). You can buy them used or rent them or stream his tv show. It sounds like he's lacking confidence - either in you or him, can't say.

    You should not be paying her $200 a week for what she's doing with him, board or no board.
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        09-13-2012, 12:15 PM
    I personally wouldn't waste another week with this trainer.

    Bring him home, get him vet checked, and save up for a real trainer.
        09-13-2012, 04:32 PM
    Sounds like its the trainer that has an issue not the jorse if he's nervous anyway its very likely a new place new people to what he is use to has just frightend him even mire as you said you have had him a year and he doesnt complety trust you. But the honest truth I bet he would well behaved for his.mum the 1 that has been there for the last year though the good days and the bad he has the most trust in you listen to what he tells you
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        09-14-2012, 12:52 AM
    If you are comfortable uploading a picture of him, I would love to see him. It sounds like you have a very strong bond with him and that he does trust you. Not having a round pen or similar area to work with him, you can fix that on the cheap (with the money you saved by not giving it to that trainer LOL) with t-posts and cattle panels, or temporary electric posts (not charged) and thick nylon electric fencewire which is easy for him to see.

    If you're able to fix up an area like that for the two of you, my gut feeling is to begin with using no tack at all, just a halter with reins, and simply get on him bareback and just do nothing but stand there. Do that for as long as you think is necessary before then asking him for the next baby step you want to take such as simply taking a few steps forward. Praise praise praise, treat treat treat :) If you're nervous he's going to mirror that as well, and since you are apparently pretty bonded with him it may be hard to tell at times if you're reacting/responding to his nerves or vice versa LOL.

    Anyway, that's what I would do. Baby steps, tons of praise to build confidence and treats thrown in. Reprogramming the experience to undo the bad past. I am guessing that he came from an extremely abusive environment and that you're the one who's going to bring him out of it.
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        09-14-2012, 01:25 AM
    Originally Posted by ARTEMISBLOSSOM    
    To be honest I don't know what the trainer is charging me I do know the board alone is something like 200$ a week. I will try and find out exactly how much she is charging for the training tomorrow when I go over. I have asked but she has not really been giving me any definate answers.
    Boy artemis, no wonder you're disheartened, with the experiences you've had! While I don't generally think 'green on green' is a good idea, I'm with the others, that I wouldn't be leaving my horse with this so called 'trainer' for one day longer and think it sounds like a case where with the help of some good vids, you'd probably do best by yourself. Just keep a look out for a *good* trainer to help you, but don't give the horse/pay just anyone.

    Re the above, not a good move to get into a situation like this without having the deal in writing - I don't know the legalities, but she may be within her rights to charge you whatever she feels like & now it's done, you may have to just cop it. But considering she's charging you a fortune just for board, hedging about the training fee & has done so very little with him, I'd be giving her the agreed $200/week & calling that fair.
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