I need to get more confident!

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I need to get more confident!

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  • Geoff toomby

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    01-04-2008, 09:19 PM
I need to get more confident!

I need to get more experienced with all disiplines, My, horse isn't the best of horse.

I have just found out that all the girls at pony club that are my age, say that I can't ride my horse, cause I fall off, that I am not a good rider, that my horse is too slow. It has finally gotten to me!

I need to get more better of a rider to beat them girls and then they will be looking like the ones that can't ride. I don't ride very oftern. And, all the instructors at pony club they don't help me they only help the other girls and I am more confident then 2 of the girls and can ride 'better' then them. I have got help from Geoff Toomby, he pushed me in the direction I needed pushing!

I just need another push, and I need to prove to them girls and to me that I can eide and that I am a somebody with horses!

Anyone got any ideas?

I have tried lunging it doesn't help!

My horse is very choppy and used to do campdrafts. He can go fast when he wants to but also slow!

Thanks, Shannon
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    01-04-2008, 09:43 PM
Just ride more and ignore those jerks at the PC. People always have opinions, what matters is whose opinions you respect. It also helps to learn as much from your horse as you can. It sounds silly but you really can learn a lot from your horse if you apply yourself.
    01-04-2008, 11:45 PM
Green Broke
Whaterever you do don't let them girls get to you! That's very rude of them to have even said that to begin with.Even if your not the best rider they should still ahve not said that. There is not "Perfect Rider" out there everyone has there mistakes

The more you ride the better you will get and learn!
Good Luck :)
    01-05-2008, 01:48 AM
Confidence starts within. If you are constantly trying to impress others, first you won't get much better. Secondly, you won't be riding for YOU, you'll be riding for them. I say ignore them and start taking lessons. If your horse is inappropriate for your ability, you can always take lessons on more suitable horses and work your way back to your horse. (if you do fall off often, this might be the case.. They say every good rider has fallen off, which is true.. but if you continuously fall off your confidence will slowly deteriorate, which is no bueno!)
    01-05-2008, 06:39 AM
Where abouts in aus are you?

Unfortunately, a lot of pony club people can be like that. I find a lot of them very snotty lol (and im moving to a pony club in a couple of weeks :roll: ) anyhoo, try and remember you arent there to please them rather you are there for you and your horse. I know its hard but you really need to ignore what these girls are saying. Maybe your parents could get you your own trainer if the PC instructor wont help you or, maybe they can have a quiet word with her and let her know that you are unconfident and that you need some help.

If you are feeling unconfident the only way you can get past that is by practice, practice, practice. Maybe you can try riding when the other girls arent there and slowly build yourself up and next time they see you ride they will be all surprised and eating their own words :)

Keep your chin up and please don't let them get to you. If these girls are so mean as to say such awful things then they don't deserve your time or consideration. Maybe you could try posting some questions about your exact problems and people here could help you work through them. You have mentioned a little about your issues but if we could hear each problem in detail im sure between all of us we can get you going nicely and hopefully better than the little pony club snots :)

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