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If you wanna run, lets run.

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        04-16-2013, 11:11 PM
    I don't think letting her out full tilt is a good idea in this case. It was most effective on a badly spoiled horse and we had summer fallow for footing which is deep. Your mare has it in her head she should run and I think you need to figure out why. Perhaps something in her past. Is this an ex race horse? If so then letting her run is the last thing you want to do with her. When on the trail try to keep the connection between the bit and her feet. Get her hindquarters moving this way and that as your walk, stop, back up a few steps, forward at the trot, stop, back up, move her hindquarters.
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        04-16-2013, 11:15 PM
    Like others have said, it works great with some horses and not with others. I would try it, if she is already pent up and not responding great a run isn't going to hurt too much. Just make sure you have all day to ride because it might take a while for her to decide its no fun anymore!
        04-16-2013, 11:19 PM
    I started her myself, so I know everything about her.

    I've done what you described, and when I try to lope, she's just bunched up like a spring.

    She's fine W/T. Heres a video working barrels from today:
    Her stop is almost 100% body cues most of the time (takes a few practice stops to get it working) so she is not ignorant of MY position.

    Once I start to lope her, she bunches up like a spring that you've squeezed between your hands and its a disaster. So, that's why I think letting her go would be a good idea. I never just let her go though, sometimes she wants to trot before I've asked for it, or wants to lope before I've asked and I will take her down a notch and maybe even stop and back-up before carrying on.
    So, if I decide to run her, it would be at my control that she'd get up to a gallop, not her choice.
        04-16-2013, 11:23 PM
    If she is taking off with you-- as soon as she started to get quicker id stop her and make her stand for a few seconds then walk her- every time she tried to take off with you id repeat... not run er- that teaches her that bolting is ok.
        04-16-2013, 11:27 PM
    Super Moderator
    I can't tell you whether this is a good idea or not for you, but my mare is also among the ones that NEED to run before they'll settle.

    I used to try to just make her walk, walk, and walk but that would just wind her up more and more, then I'd be left with this horse that's bolting off on me or jigging instead of walking (and wouldn't stop jigging).
    I eventually switched tactics and started asking her to canter more and that turned out to be just the ticket.
    Now that we've gotten ourselves straightened out, one little trot set and a gallop at the end is enough to keep Lacey's head with me for a 2-3 mile ride. She used to need at least 3 trot sets, a couple of long canters, and a gallop to be "present" over that same distance but somewhere along the line, she seems to have realized that sometimes walking is good too (probably because when she gets extra hot, I make her run up hills until she's begging to stop...haha).

    On days that she seems likely to get hot, I DO use a pelham with two reins and ride on the snaffle but use the curb as a "back-up brake" if Lacey decides to ignore my initial stop cues with the snaffle. I just find that helps her respect my cues more while she's "up." I try to avoid using the curb whenever possible but having it has proved to be very useful on days when she just doesn't want to listen.
    Along with that comes the usual disclaimer about bits not being band-aid fixes, etc. The curb is just to back up my other stop cues. Like a dressage whip enhances leg cues. Very similar thing.
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        04-16-2013, 11:27 PM
    There is no bolting or runninf away with me. I can even lope her on loose rein sometimes. But its still a mess. And hard to ride on top of it all
        04-16-2013, 11:39 PM
    I let my guy run the nerves out, works wonders for him. As others have said, it's not for every horse and rider, you've got to be confident that you can ride the horse for as long as it takes and stop the horse whenever you need to, but not have to do so until the beast is tired enough to be ready to listen properly. IF that fits you two, go for it! If it doesn't help, well, then you know in the future that it's not a strategy that works for her, if it does help, it could be night and day difference in her ability to focus and relax. JMO.
        04-16-2013, 11:45 PM
    I am comfortable enough to do this, we have done the same exercise with 3 and 4 year olds that are dead heads. I've also breezed horses beside another horse that is comfortable running to teach the horse how to run (not all of them know how undersaddle believe it or not!)

    This mare hasnt done anything like that yet because she has always been forward enough until now with her lope.
        04-16-2013, 11:46 PM
    She needs to slow it down and do it right-- running will make it worse and develop a new problem. Id stop her in her tracks and work her. Running her creates a hot horse.
        04-16-2013, 11:47 PM
    Originally Posted by QHriderKE    
    There is no bolting or runninf away with me. I can even lope her on loose rein sometimes. But its still a mess. And hard to ride on top of it all
    I got to thinking, I think you need to find a big field and just sit there, relax and give her the cue to lope, sit her relaxed, hands down and just roll with it.....I bet she will feel how relaxed you are and slowly relax too. I'm thinking its just a lack of running and she is probably unbalance and unsure of herself.....does she kind of speed up and slow down and then speed up again?

    I'd sit there and let her go until she feels a little more fluid and relaxed......then I'd stop and let her rest as soon as you feel her calm down.....but make it your idea to stop Don't forget to walk back to the barn
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