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I'm so frustrated with Ruger. [ranting again]

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        10-16-2012, 08:36 PM
    Green Broke
    He seems the type that gets fixated. And especially given his age and pastured with a mare, he is probably really fixated on her.(I am sure the crappy weather didn't help either). Some geldings seem to get really hung up on mares, more so than others and they never get over it. While some kind of "grow out of it". That is just my experience.
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        10-16-2012, 08:49 PM
    I really hope he grows out of it. I've talked my Mom out of selling him so many times, I'd feel really bad if we lose all this talent on just this one bump....
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        10-16-2012, 08:52 PM
    Yeah, bad days happen to everyone. I get more than my fair share of them... LOL.... 10 mares.... The best fix I've found for it is riding the snot out of them.... It almost leaves my in frustration tears every time, but hopefully they think twice before acting really stoooopid.
    But my experience is coming from dealing with snarky mares, not young geldings.

    I feel the same about Squiggy. She has SO much potential that I don't want to just give up whenever I feel like it.
        10-16-2012, 08:54 PM
    Yes, the FIGHT! I didn't quite get in a fight with my guy today, buy I got exasperated because I tried every trick in the book.....with no success......well just a little, but I was just flummoxed, so I quit for the day.....

    Going to have to take the long road.......ugh!

    The worst is when a horse regresses and you can't figure out why.....(but deep down inside I know I've probably got 100% to do with it!!!)
        10-16-2012, 09:00 PM
    Yeah I agree. This particular colt was doing so well on his barrel pattern, starting to learn his flying changes, almost ready to go a teensy bit faster....And of course, here he goes, making me hate him again. He was frustrating at first too.

    My only complaint about riding him really is the fact that he will NOT soften at the poll. He's a colt that's very hard in the face and bracey. Currently trying to find out why since the saddle fits fine, we treated him for ulcers, he's had the chiro out, he's sound by vet check....I'm thinking it may be the bit. I dunno. He's good in a martingale or draw reins. But he'll take your teeth out of you aren't careful ad you ask him to stop abruptly, and I have zero desire to apply contraptions to fix it. We'll see. He's in a Myler comfort snaffle Level 2 right now but I'm thinking it might be a shallow palate. He's never been in a three piece so I'm thinking we'll try my lifesaver on him.
        10-16-2012, 09:05 PM
    ^^ Squiggy is quite the same. Have you tried a mild hackamore? I could help with his bit problem.
    Squiggy just needs a lot of patience and the odd butt-whooping to keep her brain where it should be. I've found that 3 chances at being patient and then she's in for a butt-whooping.
    I think Ruger and Squiggy are two of the same. Flawless and almost ready for a bit more and then spiral downwards really fast, and then you have to practically start over.
    Just gotta pull up your socks and be the mature one on the situation LOL
        10-16-2012, 09:21 PM
    Haha yep. He's been in a sidepull and a bitless bridle, bosal, and little S hack and it actually made it worse. Lol Him and Squiggy do seem to be the same type of horse though.
        10-16-2012, 09:24 PM
    Hm. Squiggy does work pretty good in a hackamore, but the only hack we have is a BIG mechanical one, and I don't like it one bit. So, we'll still with a snaffle and jr. Cowhorse for now.

    Good luck with Ruger!
        10-16-2012, 09:47 PM
    Oy. My gelding is quite similar, but he's six! I've tried every trick in the book. Tying him away from everybody for hours.on end, round pen, turnout alone. You name it, I've tried it. When his brain gets fried, he's completely FRIED. Chopper has so much talent and speed...I'd hate to waste it. I'm subbing, for anything I haven't tried lol
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        10-17-2012, 10:10 AM
    Green Broke
    Well after Red's ride last night, I'll add to the venting!

    It's dark by 7 PM now, so my weekday riding is dwindling. I've been working more on ground work exercises than riding the last week or so because I don't have to keep him in shape for anything coming up, and he could sure use the respect/trust training.

    Well I got off work a bit early last night and it was a beautiful evening with no wind. I thought I'd go for a nice relaxing mostly walking ride with him for a couple miles, and then do some ground work afterward (since it might have started raining by then).

    Oh. My. Lord. He was spooking at everything including the air. There goes our "relaxing ride" idea. And when Red spooks, it consists of something not even close to him (sometimes 1/4 mile away), that he sees and completely freezes, locks up, tenses, stares in horror with head in the air, snorts at it, and then decides to bolt 5 to 10 seconds later when he can't handle it anymore, completely ignoring any of my body cues and the bit and the world around him. It's like when anger management people say they "see red" and don't know what happened. Red panics, and his mind is completely gone.


    And sometimes, he'll stop and stare and bolt to something that's not even there. (I'm staring too, and I don't see a thing.) It's like he "thinks" he sees something.

    And then of course, he immediately starts to actively look for the next thing to be terrified of. Does not matter how much I'm moving his feet, or trying to keep his attention, he's bent on looking around. Focus is a huge issue for him.

    It took us twice as long to walk 2 miles because we backtracked a ton. We were doing tons of one-reined stops (only thing I can do to try to stop him when he bolts, and he still doesn't exactly give to the bit for a good 5 seconds until his freaked out brain comes back), and we were doing tons of stop and flex both ways, lots of rollbacks and serpentines.

    It's so frustrating. He's gotten worse and worse with this freezing and bolting thing. I'm really hoping the trainer I am taking him to in February will have some insight on this. It's like he's super insecure and is just convinced something is going to jump out and eat his leg. Even though the "closest" scary thing last night was at least 40 feet away and never came closer. And I kept my body and hands as quiet as I could, while still keeping a hold of him when he tries to bolt.

    But this is something I WAS genuinely considering selling him for last night. I can ride through the bolts just fine, I'm not scared. It's just that I don't know if I want a spooky horse like this right now. His other issues I can totally live with, but I left the barn last night feeling angry and stressed. That's not what horses are supposed to do for me!! And I have that feeling more times than not, leaving the barn.

    I'm not going to take any action until after the trainer in February, but it's a thought in my mind.

    Maybe I should ride him around with blinders so he can't look at things......

    And he did get worked in the corral when we got home. I've been starting to try to work him at home so he's not so barn sour (not that he won't leave the yard, but he sure prefers to turn toward home than turn away from home when we are out and about). Heck, Saturday I rode one mile away from home at the walk, and then came back home and worked him in his own pasture. And then let him walk 1/2 mile away from home easily.

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