jarreds all better now...Pics & Video added

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jarreds all better now...Pics & Video added

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        07-21-2008, 10:39 PM
    jarreds all better now...Pics & Video added

    Finally after months of trying to fix him we found a chiropractor that actually found his problems. Poor darlin. This is what was wrong with him:

    - his spine was compressed
    - his hips were out of alignment probably because of his spine of whatever caused the injury to the spine
    - there was something out in his poll which was making him throw his head and rear
    - his left shoulder was out of whack

    The chiro thinks he had taken a fall in the paddock and probably a nasty fall at that considering the amount of damage. He clunked and pulled and massaged and worked on pressure points etc. he worked with him for half an hour and it cost me $25 so cheap yet I got the best results yet :) jarreds whole demeanor changed so quickly. He calmed and seemed to relax everything. He went back in his yard and went to sleep. Didnt even bother about his hay lol

    3 days later I lunged him. He seemed all good so the enxt day I hopped on. The chiro said I only had to wait 24 hours but I felt better leaving it a bit longer than that. Straight away I could tell there was a difference. He was still a bit tense but im assuming he was expecting it to be painful. We walked around for a while. He was back to his old tricks. Stopping whenever he feels like it and yanking his head down :roll: but that I can deal with. Its better than the bucking and rearing. I rode for about 10 minutes just to see how he really was. I mainly walked and trotted and did a circle or two of canter. Boy have I missed that canter :) but he was fine in all of them.

    So now my plan of attack. Im thinking I should return to basics in many ways with him. While he walks, trots and canters he seems to really not get it. To him he just goes faster. Im thinking of spending time with the pessoa lunging system again and trying to work on a lot of trot circles/poles etc but how can I make him more responsive to my leg aids. He kinda understands but doesnt really respond much?

    And every time I ask him to go forward he does but he still pulls his head up and puts his ears back. This is what he used to do before the back problems too. Should I try something to stop the head throwing like a martingale or something? I don't like using those kinds of things but I can't having him throwing his head up all the time.

    I will get rich to get some video of me riding him tonight and then you can see what im talking about.
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        07-21-2008, 10:44 PM
    Green Broke
    Glad that he's better! I would love to see pictures.

    I would say start back from the begining and see how he goes and keep moving up when you think he is ready. Can't tell you much about the other stuff at the moment... My brain is off for the night... sorry
        07-22-2008, 06:52 AM
    Here are some pics and a video from today. The video is a whole bunch of little ones that rich got and I just edited them all together that's why it looks a little all over the place :)

    Please don't critique it. We werent doing much. Just kinda going through the paces and getting him used to having me on his back again. And my riding was pretty average but I blame it on wearing jeans. Whenever I wear jeans when I ride I don't seem to be able to sit as well. Weird. And my toes are way too far out lol I was having a bad equitation day that's for sure. Anyways heres the pics and vid


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