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Is this just because she's nervous?

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        05-05-2013, 10:52 PM
    I bought her to bring to school with me in September. It's a western ranch & cow horse training program and they require that you use a young, green horse.
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        05-06-2013, 05:58 PM
    Made progress today. Today, Prim decided to swing her but towards me several times. I couldn't chase her around because her pen is too small , so I made a makeshift chute to get her into the round pen. I tried to go up to her once again and she did the same thing, so I chased her around for a bit and whacked her every time she threatened to kick. Needless to say, she's a lot better now
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        05-06-2013, 07:17 PM
    You need to have someone work with you before you take this horse to school with you and around other horses. Basic ground manners are not negotiable for any horse regardless of age or training.
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        05-06-2013, 07:31 PM
    She had absolute perfect ground manners until I moved her to where she is now. It's like she's a complete 100% different horse. I'm not too sure what caused the change in attitude.
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        05-06-2013, 07:43 PM
    She is now away from the herd which represents security and safety to her. Why not put her in with the others and see if she'll settle down. Her presence will upset the herd dynamics but she'll soon find her place. When a young horse in a herd doesn't behave itself it is driven to the edge of the herd where predators skulk. This horse doesn't want to be someone's dinner that night and will run and call. When it's allowed back in, it's manners have improved. Don't keep her alone.
        05-06-2013, 07:46 PM
    Well familiarity breeds calmness.. if you take this horse away from everything familiar then all they are left with is you. And that, my friend, is when you see what relationship you truly have with your horse.

    Horses can zone out so easily when everything is the same, instead of looking to their handler for guidance.
        05-06-2013, 07:52 PM
    See, that's the problem.. Her pen is in the pasture and all the other horses charge at her. She was in with them for 30 minutes the other day and they beat her up so bad that the BO put her back in her area and said that at the way things are going, she might be in there for a month before she can be in with the herd..
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        05-06-2013, 07:54 PM
    How big is the pen and why is she putting them all at once with her.. why not one or two at a time?
        05-06-2013, 09:17 PM
    It sounds to me like you're getting bad advice. They're telling you to just sit with her, which is not going to accomplish anything and they're throwing her into an already established herd and she's getting the bajeezus kicked out of her.

    Can you put her out with one other horse and let them get to know each other?

    You have several problems here.
    1. Your horse does not respect you 2. Your horse does not have enough space to exercise and get out her excess energy. And 3. You don't seem to be around people that have any sense at all about young horses, or any horses.

    Just MO of course but I would move her somewhere that has a little more experience with horses.
        05-06-2013, 09:23 PM
    I can't just put her in with one or two horses unfortunately because they're all in the exact same area - a huge field. They're like a mob when they attack her. I'll be in her pen trying to feed her treats and all of a sudden 3 or 4 of them will charge at the fence and scare her. Good news though, I found someone who is willing to give her a month of ground manner training.. hopefully that will do the trick. I think that after that is through I will look for a place that has maybe 4-5 horses per herd, instead of 15-20.

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