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Leading problems

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    06-13-2011, 12:36 AM
Leading problems

Well we have certainly come a long way thus far with our mare, Kate. We got her 6 weeks ago and have gone from not being able to touch her, or even go near her, to grooming her, having her come to me when she is called, standing calmly and quietly to be haltered, she will even let me pick up her feet. Well, the haltering bit developed about a week ago, we added a 10 ft lead a couple days later, and after one day of work and lots of love and praise, she will let us lead her left, right, and even backwards as of today. HOWEVER, she will NOT go forward! I can lead her in a circle making her yield her hindquarters all day, in any direction, she will walk backwards for as far as I like, but when I try to simply move forward in a straight line, she acts like a stubborn mule! When I attempt this, I stand to her right side, facing the same direction as her, my right shoulder to her left withers, and hold the lead in my right hand just a few inches from her halter... any suggestions???
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    06-13-2011, 01:26 AM
Put enough pressure on her face or hind end to make her feel uncomfortable but not scary. Maintain constant pressure untill she takes a step. As soon as she takes a step forward completely reslease her and praise her, then try again. Be patient and don't rush, it'll take alot of time but it should work. Hope this helps :)
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    06-13-2011, 05:30 AM
Green Broke
The other thing is to pull her off balance when you tug forward. You may not be able to stand at her shoulder right away. Constant forward pressure, one step forward and stop pulling instantly. If no step is taken forward, pull her to the left or right and don't let go till she takes that one step forward. Again, drop the lead and do it again. Be consistent and don't give in to her stubbornness. She will get better with every try.
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    06-13-2011, 05:43 AM
Ok im guna try and explain how my mum got her yearling to walk forwards..... and it has helped my youngster walk ahead of me too so maybe it will work for you?

Stand next to your youngter so you are FACING her shoulder, hold the leadrope under the chin in your LEFT hand and with the end of the rope in your RIGHT hand - swing it! As you swing it say 'walk on' and if she doesnt move swing it so it hits her on the side (obviously not to scare or hurt her - just to annoy her..... keep doing this and saying 'walk on' untill she takes a step forward - then take the pressure off.... as she walks forward you walk sideways facing her shoulder and praise her when she goes forward..

You might need to be patient and may go sideways the first few times (although our youngsters didnt)..... it worked for us..

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