a little to enthusiastic with greetings?

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a little to enthusiastic with greetings?

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        04-19-2009, 09:16 PM
    a little to enthusiastic with greetings?

    The little mare pictured in my avie is my 2 year old arabian mare. I have had her for about 6 months now, and she is just a darling.

    When I first got her, I had the hardest time catching her. I used a break-away halter in the field with some (in moderation) treats.(no longer used) she is now easy to catch.

    My mom and I went to go and visit the horses in the fields the other evening. I called out for luna, and she whinnied, and came cantering down to meet us. She stopped a good 10 feet away from us, but she is still in that awkward stage of my-legs-are-a-bit-too-long-for-my-body stage.

    I was wondering, could this be potentally dangerous? She shows no signs of agression, and just seems well...excited to see me. She really dosen't have many friends in the field to play with (one younger paint mare who she is very close with) and gets pushed around a bit (shes a tiny one).

    Is this a problem? Should I do something to fix this? If so, what should I be doing?

    P.s. She dosent do it with anyone else, just to give you some insight.

    Edit: aww nuts. I forgot the second "O" in "too". Sorry to all your grammar freaks out there! Lol!

    Thank you so much for reading this!
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        04-19-2009, 09:27 PM
    The fact that she runs to you is GREAT! You definitely don't want to discourage that. And if she is respecting your space, no worries! But you will want to be sure that she CONTINUES to respect your space so that she doesn't crowd you.
        04-20-2009, 09:40 PM
    As long as she is stopping well away / out of your "space" I would not do anything to discourage this. If she gets too close, lift your arms to tell her.
        04-21-2009, 12:47 AM
    What they said ;)

    Gosh, I wish my mare would do that. She stares me down and watches as I trudge through mud to go get her. Gotta love her!
        04-21-2009, 10:33 AM
    Well it seems she is not going in your space. My guy does the same thing. Has done it from day one. He see me and comes galloping.
    He to likes to come fairly close but nothing I worry about.

    But if she respects your space I wouldn't really worry. But if you are still nervous have you just called her from behind the gait. That way she will slow up and when she stands there then go in and reward her with a pat or treat.

    It is worth a try.

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