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A little pushy

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    01-31-2010, 02:18 PM
Question A little pushy

When leading my yearling likes to forget that I want my own space and likes to push up on me. I know this is very dangerous so I am trying to nip this in the butt asap. I have been told to just keep my elbow out so when he trys to walk in my space he well be reminded to stay out but so far this hasnt been working to well. Any ideas that you have tried? Thanks
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    01-31-2010, 06:21 PM
Do you do any groundwork? Something that really helped my guy's personal space perception was to teach him how to yield his shoulders and haunches out of my space. Ask him to move out of your way, suggest if he doesn't, and tell him to/get after him a bit if he needs it. If he gets into the habit of yielding to your space, he'll be less likely to be pushy in other situations. Some horses naturally have excellent manners that need little maintenance outside of daily interaction, but others need "taught" manners, and reminded occasionally.
    01-31-2010, 06:34 PM
What I would do first is teach him to lower his head. Hold the lead rope where it attaches to the halter and put one hand on the poll. Put very little pressure on both and when he moves his head down then completly release. After you can easily move his head below your waist then start to try and get him to move one foot forward. Don't put much pressure on the rope, just enough to get one foot to move forward. You will have to tip his head away from the foot you want to move. After you can move him forward one step at a time without taking the float out of the rope then move him backward one step at a time the same way. Using the same principles disengage the hindquarters one step at a time. Ditto on the front end. A person would be careful to get each exercise real good and soft before moving on.

I have used this technique on many pushy horses and it works very well. If you have any questions ask here or PM me.
    02-01-2010, 07:36 PM
I carried a small crop and held it in my hand. When he got pushy, I said over and tapped him with the crop until he moved. It only took acouple of weeks. Now when I walk him and I feel he is too close I only have to say over and he moves. I also have been working with the head down using pressure on the poll that works well also. Good luck.
    02-01-2010, 07:43 PM
Awe ;)
    02-01-2010, 08:15 PM
I highly recommend the Parelli 7 Games. Great way to earn respect :)
    02-02-2010, 01:27 AM
Just posted this on a question about lunging, but it applies here as well.
I start in a full check snaffle and hold the rein about 4" from the bit. Place pressure on the rein toward his shoulder and release when the horse puts slack in the rein. Do this a few times then change sides.

Go Forward - Now tap high on his hip and keep tapping until he takes a step forward. Give him a few moments and if he does not move increase the intensity of the taps. Continue to increase them until he moves, stopping as soon as he does. The next time you ask, start light again.

When he is consistently stepping off on both sides when you give a light tap, build on the number of steps he takes by reapplying the light cue every time he stops. He has to learn a cue means 'Do this until I ask you to stop.'

Stopping - Now you will stop him by taking the rein toward his hip. When the shoulder next to you stops and he steps over with his hip, release and praise him. Work both the go and the stop cue until he is consistent and light.

This is for crowding - You can now work the shoulder. Ask him to go forward, keep your hand about 4" from the bit on the rein, take the rein to the center of his neck and lift while keeping his feet moving forward walk the shoulder away from you. Release on one step and build from there.

When he is consistent with moving both shoulders, hips to stop and go forward, put him on a small circle. Keep him soft moving his shoulders off you if he steps toward you and thus giving him a soft nicely bent neck. If he pulls go to the hip. If he crowds go to the shoulder. Work the small circle until he stays soft and out of your space.

In your case you can now walk forward and use these cues to keep him off you as well as the cue to lower his head as Kevin mentioned if he gets uppity.

There is a whole leading lesson plan and this is just half, but it will help with the crowding for sure.

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