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    11-22-2011, 05:11 PM

I bought my pony mare a new saddle but unfortunately it didn't fit well. Since she was a bit sore in her back, I let her a month and a half without working, then a few walking trails bareback, than back to her old saddle (whichseems to be OK with a thicker pad underneath). But she got soooo FAT :-/ I decided to start taking her lounging from time to time, and now I am thinking of which gadget should I use.

I am a huge fan of leather chambon (the solid one) nad gogue (when a horse understands chambon). But I don't know wheather my mare will go well with it. I mean she likes the contact with the bit, she looks for it (when she is warmed up and the work isnt too long for her), and since chambon frees the preassure when the horse gets his head long-down-forward, I think she would go against it to get the contact.

Well, If I let her loose, she carries her head up, her back incavated, irregular pace etc. I once (about half a year ago) tried to jump with her on a long line (we don't have any fenced area to let her free) and afterwards, I wanted the reins not to distract, so I put them on the sides of her lounging girth. And even though they were quite long, she stretched to get the contact, and I was VERY surprised (and pleasured, did she finally understand me, what I am trying to teach her? That the bit is no brake?).

I got her on lounge two weeks ago again in process of her roconvalescence. And I used her old western reins to make "double/ triangle" reins. Firstly, she stopped, I think she was confused. But then she started to pace in a good walk I think. I tried if she gets into trot (if she swouldnt, I wouldnt push her, it was very new to her and I think it must have been a bit stressful to her). But she did just fine, she got to trot immediately and didn't even go against the reins.

What do you think? Is her back working alright? (she is a bit "uphil"(?)-like her butt is higher than her whithers) What do you think of this gadget? Do you think she would go well on gogue?

>>she was being lounged on that for about 5 or 8 minutes. Not longer. Just few circles on each side, then I let her free again.

A post some photos there.... in summer (she was fit and slim ), now, on lounge in summer, in lounge now.
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    11-22-2011, 05:18 PM

^^she-fit and slim in summer

^^she I summer on lounge (after half a year or so-we don't lounge often), trying to get the contact

^^lounging on free reins

^^she now-faaaaattt :-/

^^first few strides on a new thing.


    11-22-2011, 05:21 PM
Her noseband was loose, so she could have opened her mouth if she wanted.

It was the first time I have ever seen her making her hind hooves go to the front hoovesprints. Ever.

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