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Lunging help?

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    02-25-2012, 05:14 PM
Lunging help?

I started training my 5 y/o mare to lunge an we started off and she did great going counter clockwise but when I try to get her to get out she follows me and wont leave my side. She knows that she ALWAYS walks on my ride side and isn't allowed to pass or walk on the opposite side so maybe that is why? I use a lunging whip (not touching her with it of course, but just for an extension). It is possible to get her out going the other way but it is usually by fluke and she just stays out and lunges.

She does very well with commands "Walk", "Trot", an "Woah". She also stays out when I ask her to stop and doesn't walk into the circle when finished (which I want her to do).

Any tips, its kind of frustrating lol
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    02-25-2012, 05:31 PM

Check out the other lunging threads.

Yes, if she's been conditioned to only be on one side of you & never pass you for eg, it isn't surprising she doesn't get it when you change the rules & expect her to do the opposite.

I'd forget lunging for the mo & teach her the basics first. Eg. Teach her to accept you & yield to pressure on her other side, teach her to go past you or wherever you direct her, not just be stuck in one position. After she's got the basics down pat, then I'd start asking her to do it at greater distances, until it's 'lunging'.

Learning the principles of 'clicker training' is incredibly helpful
    02-25-2012, 05:52 PM
Start out with a shorter lead other than a lunge line...say a 10 ft or 12 foot lead rope. I rap my lunge whips rope part round my lunge whips shaft making it more like a stick than a whip when I first teach a horse to lunge. Do that too. Next if you want the horse to walk on to the left...gather up your lead line in an organized way in your left hand that can be let out easily...stand slightly past your horses shoulder to the rear...point to the left and say walk on...if she doesn't move tap her behind her rump and legs...tap hard enough she will move out...the goal is to get her to "walk on". Stay behind that shoulder though to give her the motivation to keep moving. The circles may be tight and small at first...if she does well let out some line...but keep her moving to the left. I never expect them to start out on a long lunge line in the beginning...I just expect small circles on a shorter simply switch hands to switch. I bring a circle to a close with a whoa and bring my hands to the ground...ask for "whoa" first...the first time she isn't going to know what that means...ask whoa...then if she keeps moving...down towards the ground...whooooaaaa...when she stops she should be facing you...let her sit there and do her little licking and chewing and digest the thought...switch hands with the rope and the whip and mover her out to the right..."walk on" and point...encourage her with your body language to move to the right...tap behind her legs and rump if need be and as soon as she starts moving let her move...stay behind that shoulder...after she gets moving out at a walk...start "trot"...say it clear and loud..."ask first "TROT"...then increase pressure with the whip (you can unravel it now) A raised whip adds pressure a lowered whip decreases pressure. You can get to the point where all you have to do is point and say walk either direction if you do it enough. Start small though on a shorter lead where you are in closer proximity to the mare. As she gets this you will of course add length until she is out on the long line and can do the canter...hope that helps. Warning to you careful you don't get kicked...sometimes lunging makes them get "frisky" kicking up in the rear end.
    01-04-2014, 01:39 AM
Id use a round pin and just free lunge her on the other side. Id also look into different patterns for in-hand competitions. Some of them have good tips on how to get your horse to be able to use both sides.
    01-04-2014, 09:38 PM
Hold the lunge line, and whip in a triangle shape. With the horse's body being the base of the triangle and teach her "walk on" and to circle around you. If she comes in, stop her, push her shoulder out and start again. Be patient, she will get it. A shorter whip is helpful or a training stick.

After she learns "walk on" teach her to trot.

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