Lunging issues

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Lunging issues

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  • Horse bucking or resisting lunging

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    08-07-2012, 06:45 PM
Lunging issues

My horse is pretty disrespectful on the lunge line. I'll ask him to trot (with my voice, and I crack the lunge whip on the ground if he's being lazy, which he ALWAYS is at the lope) and he'll throw his head in the air, sometimes pins his ears, and then trots. When I ask him to lope, however, he pins his ears and bucks. Sometimes he even bucks right towards me.

He NEVER does this under saddle. I know it's not a pain issue, he's just being disrespectful.

Any tips on what to do?
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    08-07-2012, 07:08 PM
Well WPBR, I have no idea how experienced or comfortable you are with your horse or how much it truly respects your authority. So with those qualifiers and the legal absolution..

I would give them a firm rap with the whip and a banshee like NO!! The a loud GIDUP! If they kick again I whack again, everytime they pin the ears increase the pressure. That is what I would do.. now I am a big guy and a horse CAN but usually doesn't drag me around willy nilly.. so if it blows I can usually skid around until I can dig in and stop them. I also have a roundpen to contain a real blowup so there is my answer.. now if you don't have a good confined area, and are 105 lb tiny thing that a horse could sneeze and throw you over then this approach certainly won't work.. in that case I say borrow a roundpen or go to one and make your horse understand who is in charge.
Dixie (our 2 y/o) did the same thing to my daughter. I helped her understand the situation and she got after that little filly until her lip was dragging.. now the little thing follows my daughter around like a puppy and is well into her under saddle training. All about authority and herd heirarchy. You gotta get it and keep it.
    08-07-2012, 07:49 PM
Thank you very much! I'm a 95lb tiny thing ;) so yes, I could be dragged around quite easily! I do have a confined area to lunge him in, although it's not a round pen, it will do just fine. Joker responds very well to discipline, so your tips should do the trick! Again, thank you!
    08-07-2012, 08:10 PM
Super Moderator
Sometimes horses display this irritated attitude when you are using too much and too sudden. NOrmally, I am all for using as much pressure as necessary. But, sometimes the horse needs you to ask with less the first time and give him a small chance to comply. If you go straight to whacking with the whip, it can provoke a defensive attitude. It' s bit like the horse that is alreeady trotting and the lunger keeps cracking the whip behind them . The whip just tell them to go if your body language doesn't do the trick.

Did you forget to "ask" before you "told?" Have you gotten big enough with him so that he knows how big you can get and will not want to go there, thus will respond to the first "asks" before you ever have to even get half way big?

Never forget to ask small, but also don't stay in the middle ground ,either. If he is resisting forward and you find yourself nagging, then you get bigger, fast! But go right back to small the ver next time you ask.
If he has a bit of an attitude such as ears back, well, as long as he is honestly going forward when you say, then he can have his opinioin,. IMO even a little bucking is of no real consequence. As he leader, you keep your eye on the goal , "Foreward at canter!" and disregard his tantrum.
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