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    10-08-2011, 09:51 AM
Super Moderator
Once you let a horse get away a time or two, they have won a BIG battle and they know it. He is now truly spoiled for longeing. Get a chain over his nose or bit him up or both. MAKE him have form. Get control of what his head is doing and you will get control of his actions.

I have had horses brought to me that bolted 100% of the time if a person gave them more than 4 or 5 feet on a lead-rope. I had one 1200#+ mare that was brought to me that had rope-burned the hands of everyone that had tried to lead her. I had a 'snubbing post' in a big square corral where I handled un-halter-trained older horses that were brought to me. I longer her in that pen with the longe rope dallied around that post. The post was the only thing that could hold the big pig. Once I got her longeing around that post, I taught her to work bitted up and then started longeing outside bitted up.
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    10-08-2011, 07:11 PM
Well that's the problem, he used to do it to other people and they didn't mention that to me when I was asking about his problems, I tried lunging him and he is running sideways and literally trying to drag me, I try and haul his head around it goes straight up and he backs into things like fences and gets such a worried look on his face. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't o.o

I'm going to try free lunging in a small square yard and see if it makes a difference as I wont have rope to get caught up with and he wont be able to drag me around..
    10-08-2011, 10:47 PM
Super Moderator
You can free lunge in a square pen. But you will have to pay attention to not boxing the horse into a corner. He may try to flee into a corner and if you push on him (not literally, I mean apply pressure with a whip or swinging a rope) and you don't have an obvious "out" for him to one side or the ohter, he may swing his butt around, feeling trapped, and kick out at you. YOu always have to have it clear to him that he has a direction that is ok to move in and one that is blocked (by your energy/body or whip).

One thing you can work on in a square pen is if the hrose gets stuck in a corner, you can step back and see if he will draw toward you. In a round pen you can do both driving and drawing, and both are valuable. If you can draw his attention around and get him to want to come out to you, then that's beneficial , too. Let him coome out to you, pet him, then "break" your connection by backing away a step and disallowing him to follow. Then, begin again to asking him to move around.

Eventually, if he gets stuck , you can draw him out just a little, get behind his drive line and move him forward again.

Also, as he approaches the corner, BEFORE he stops and goes into the corner, you put a bit more pressure on and push him beyond thinking about going into that corner.
    10-09-2011, 11:54 PM
Well, today I had complete success, taking advice from all you lovely people, giving him a little bit of time, he joined up with me! Completely at liberty, and on his own accord, he let me rub him down all over with the rope and lunge whip, so I believe he just needs to be worked through his fizzy stuff, then I will progress later to putting the line on him and then putting a bit in his mouth, then progressing out of the small square pen, he didn't run into any corners, I fenced the gate of because he likes running to there and pushing it with his chest, so it went really really well, he also got a good smack when he tried to back his bum into me, and stop and starting turning facing me and pivoting, im very proud of his effort and thanks everyone for the tips tricks and ideas! :)
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