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Mare being a pill

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    09-02-2009, 01:48 PM
Mare being a pill

My friend's mare has typical marish attitude and we really like that about her.
But lately when we're out, if she thinks she's getting left behind she'll give a buck or two in annoyance if she isn't allowed to gallop to catch up. She also will refuse and offer to buck if she is expected to walk out before the other horses after mounting.
She is not normally a difficult horse to manage and she gives up pretty quickly if you let her know you won't take any nonsense from her. I've ridden her quite a bit without any problems, but she has gotten really bonded to my gelding who is also her pasture mate.
My friend's a good rider but easily scared because of a really bad fall several years ago.
Any suggestions how to nip this in the bud? I've never had to deal with a bucker--I know you keep their head up, but I would also be inclined to give her a good smack with the crop if she tried this trick with me.
Is there more we should be doing?
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    09-02-2009, 03:40 PM
I am by no means a trainer so hopefully someone will be able to give you some better advise.
If it were me I would try two different things. If she is herd bond take her out with her bud and walk infront of him, then slow down and walk behind. Just BEFORE she gets naughty I would have the other horse slow and pass him. Keep this up and make the distance farther and longer time intervals. She should get over being to far behind if it is just buddy sourness.

If she is just being a little you know what then I sure as heck would make her walk behind, when she starts bucking or anything I would turn her away from her buddy and make her work till she wants to die! As soon as she is calm ask your friend to start walking back twords you and you start to meet her in the middle. Let her walk with him and slowly let her drop back again. If she starts to buck repeat making her work in the opposite direction she wants to go, as soon as she is calm let her meet up again. I would NOT let her get away with this as it will just escalate to bigger problems in the future.

Hope this helps and good luck.
    09-02-2009, 04:06 PM
With buddy sour horses you have to take baby steps. Don't go in the opposite direction when the horse starts showing anxiety. This will only increase the anxiety unless you can just leave the other horse and complete your ride by yourself. I like the advice the PP gave about letting her get behind then catch up before she gets real anxious. I have used this before with great success. Remember your horse is doing what she thinks she has to do to stay alive so try not to make her think your going to kill her. If you were afraid of the dark and I took you out to the middle of the forest at night and kicked you out of the car you would probably get a little frantic and a lot more scared before you got over it. If I took you out in your backyard for only as long as you were comfortable then you would get over being scared and not think I was trying to get you killed.
    09-02-2009, 04:29 PM
I agree, that's why I put the first part in. I also have a horse who just wanted to be the leader and wasn't buddy sour, he would start to champ the bit and pull ahead paw sidepass anything to get in front. I made him work hard if he wanted to be a jerk. He now walks anywhere in line. There is definitely a HUGE difference in buddy sour and wanting to lead and they should be handled two totally different ways.

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