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Mare can't handle the bit in her mouth!

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        12-21-2012, 09:55 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by twp    
    A hot horse Isn't born that way.. they don't fall out of their mother, and get hot, when they pass a gait, or when they go in a roping box, arena,etc.. They are MADE! It's due to poor training..

    Twp, if that was the case then there would be no need for "breeding for disposition". Which is as equally as important as breeding for conformation.

    Personality (trainability) and conformation is GENETIC.
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        12-22-2012, 12:32 PM
    ^^Agreed. A lot of the horses I train are bred to be barrel horses and team roping horses. They come to me hot blooded (not bad training as many of them have never been handled) and it is a very hard thing to keep them level headed even in basic training. When you start asking a hot blooded horse to compete in an extreme speed event, then that just supercharges their blood and makes them chargey.
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        12-22-2012, 08:58 PM
    Green Broke
    ^^^Exactly, and I know plenty of people who buy cutting, reining and cowhorse "rejects" that may have been a little too hot and turn them into barrel horses or rope horses. A lot of people like them because they usually have good bloodlines, have plenty of cow, speed and athleticism but didn't have quite the mind for the showpen but would work great as a rodeo type horse.
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        12-26-2012, 10:20 AM
    Green Broke
    lol, They are poorly trained.. A horse that is acting like a complete Idiot like that is ridiculous!! I don't care if all of you tell me I'm wrong.. You don't see a Reining horse act that way, when they go through the gate. Lol.. Thanks for the Laugh, though.

    Lol, I didn't see you say There is a difference between a Psycho/poorly trained Hot horse, and a "Good hot horse".. I'm Literally in TEARS right now.

    How bout a horse, that is TRAINED to run, knows they're going to get to run, and EXPLODES into the arena like a bat out of Hades!! That's not "Control" There is a woman that has been racing barrels for a very long time, and none of her horses Explode when they go through the gate like that.. Sorry, I know Y'all are Professional Horse Trainers, and all, but it's not true. A horse is Taught to Do that, and that's just a Fact.
    Oh my. And you are laughing at us?? Wow,

    Well I am very glad that you are SO much smarter than all the rest of us, as you seem to have trained and ridden many world champion barrel horses yourself, because clearly we are wrong and you are right and you are the expert.

    Yes the horse's are taught to run the pattern and allowed to get excited, but it is not the result of bad training.

    The horses with the Combination Bits, who were hard to control, that would run in the arena sideways, as soon as the gait opened, were usually the ones that would knock down barrels, because they weren't paying attention.. All they wanted to do was GO! No good training at all. It kills me when they don't put a good stop on their horses, and you see them in the ally way snatching on their face, to get them to stop, lol.. Also lacking training.

    It seems like to me, They run out of juice running their way in the arena, when they could have saved that energy, put it to good use, and get a Better Time.
    Again, you are comparing two completely different types of horses here. You are trying to compare the badly trained horses (who need a huge bit to get them in the arena, and then still misbehave because the riders haven't fixed fundamental training issues) to the hot horses at a world caliber level who know their job and are pumped up to do it. There is no comparison.

    Maybe if you'd have taken the time to read and educate yourself, you'd see that this is at least the 3rd time I have made this point, the second of which you just laughed at. (see your quote at the top of this post)

    Matter of fact, most barrel racers, claim to have trained their horses reining/cutting moves like the Rollback.. Except, I have heard some of them Turn their horses into the fence to teach it, and then call it a "Special barrel racing rollback"

    Not to be rude, but that is the only part of your comment I read.
    Maybe you should actually educate yourself before running your mouth about "things you have heard." You sound absolutely ridiculous. A good barrel racing trainer DOES teach their horses rollbacks. And starting by using a fence is the easiest way to train one in the beginning, as done by reiners and cutters too.

    So don't say "most barrel racers" do xyz, because you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

    I suspect you are what, 14 years old maybe?? Your level of immaturity is at least there, if not younger.

    I wish you luck because your responses and behavior on this particular thread are not going to get you very far in life, and immaturity and ignorance aren't tolerated well on this forum.
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        12-26-2012, 12:56 PM
    Super Moderator
    So twp got banned?
    What happened?
        12-26-2012, 09:08 PM
    Green Broke
    ^^^ that's what I was wondering too.
        02-03-2013, 08:22 PM
    It was her teeth! We got them floated now she is doing much better. She still plays with it if we are just standing. As long as we are doing something she won't play with it. It's like something to do when she is bored! :)
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        02-03-2013, 10:05 PM
    Glad you found the solution to the problem!

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