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        10-31-2009, 05:14 AM
    Originally Posted by ChingazMyBoy    
    Just training them, I am not ready to own another horse at the moment.
    Why are you not ready to own another horse? What makes you think that?
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        10-31-2009, 05:33 AM
    Green Broke
    I meant as in I love my boy, he doesn't want to share me and the mares are a comittment but I don't have to feed, rug, groom these mares.
        10-31-2009, 02:39 PM
    Originally Posted by ChingazMyBoy    
    I meant as in I love my boy, he doesn't want to share me and the mares are a comittment but I don't have to feed, rug, groom these mares.
    LOL. I understand what you are saying. My mare Stoeka gets very jealous when I'm around other horses.
        10-31-2009, 08:10 PM
    Green Broke
    Thanks, I'm glad you understand.
        11-01-2009, 09:01 PM
    I really doubt you will be so irresponsible as to ruin the horses.
    This isn't the problem. The prpblem is that people are supremely confident in their own ability - I KNOW she wouldn't be doing it if she thought she would ruin the horses. But who thinks that about themselves? The worst wrecks are wen people don't realize - It is not a selfish "I'm going to go ruin these horses".
        11-02-2009, 12:41 AM
    Good luck with training the mares. I have trained all of mine from the ground up. Cutter I am showing now I have had her since birth. I broke Cinnamon and my bf and I trained our stud Pocomoonskyeyes. I do all the ground work with them and he does the first ride on them. Their is nothing like the feeling you get when you train your first horse. I trained one over the summer just really did a tune up on her and bred her to our stud. She did really well on her retraining. Sent her home a couple of weeks ago.
        11-02-2009, 01:15 AM
    If you expect a horse to be different, it will be. All horses have to learn what is expected of them and that doesn't change regardless of sex or breed. Treat them like you would any other horse and expect the same from them as you would any other horse. I also am pleased as punch that you have the good sense to have a professional help you! I would MUCH rather see this than going it alone. KUDOS to you! I wish there were more folks like you.
        11-02-2009, 12:04 PM
    You're right that all horses are individuals. Mares have a reputation for being pissy, but it's not true in all cases. I knew a mare named Iris who was nasty and aggressive to everyone except her owner. I also know a TB mare who is as friendly as can be except when she's in heat, and then she's a pain in the arse to ride. And then there's Reba, who is one of the most patient and saintly horses I've ever met.

    I've been told that it takes a lot more work to earn a mare's respect, but once you do, she'll do anything for you. I'm not sure how true it is, since I've only ever owned geldings.
        11-15-2009, 02:33 PM
    I was a jumper for 9 years before I took a hiatus and went to college. A year after I graduated, I got a call from a woman who had two mares (sisters) I had worked with the summer before I went school. She asked me if I would buy them, 4 and 5 yrs old, untrained lawn ornaments - and I did, despite not having ridden in years. These past couple of months have been absolutely amazing, expensive, time-consuming, and not to mention frustrating! Training is like a whole other discipline, and it has made me truly understand what it is to not only love, but to understand horses. You will never have a problem with a mare if you are always authentic. In my experience, Frida has made me work for her respect, and can tell immediately if I am faking it. They are just as complex as women, but I love the spunk and challeges she presents to me every day! I don't know, maybe its because she is such a great horse and the first one I've trained, but I've always felt like she was the one giving the most important lessons! My trainer always laughs and says, you couldn't have asked for a better horse, she's like a mirror! Good luck!
        11-15-2009, 03:17 PM
    I trained my mare(with the help of a friend).
    Last september I started putting my weight on her back, and she bucked me off, earning me a bruise on my face... I didn't have much time on my hands, and my dad, who I lived with at the time, wouldn't take me out to the barn. I worked just on ground work until Feb, then my dad kind of stole her from me and rode her(he has no exper.) and she was terrified. When I got her back I gave her 3 months off of riding, just lunging and walking around in the ring.
    After that my friend and I started rdiding her, and there have been no problems. She hasn't bucked, or bolted, and no one has came of her back since my dad fell of and broke his hand.

    I don't really care what I am working with. Any gender of horse, you have to treat it with respect. Mare, in my experience, require a little more respect than geldings or stallions ut that is the same with most women, don't you think?

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