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Misbehaving horse!

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    01-09-2012, 10:18 AM
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Heres the story, Iv been ask to get a friends horse back into shape after about a year out in the field (17H mare), the problem is she's an absolute nightmare! She will take of in a bucking gallop fenzy, rear straight up in the air, try and draw blood if she gets the chance to bite you and seems to take pleasure in kicking people and other horses. The sad thing is the horse is stunning looking and was bred to jump, we lose jumped her when she was bought and was unreal, could have jumped anything you put in front of her. I could handle the bucking its the rearing that scares the hell out of me purely because she could fall back. She's been with several different trainers and has left them all baffled because theres appears to be no reason for her to do it other then just been an oul bitch. She has her teeth checked reguraly by an equine dentist, has been with a physio several times getting all sorts of tests..all clear. Physio actually said she was in great shape. The vet checked her ears,eyes,nose.. you name it, it was looked at! And he done some blood tests just to see if there was anything abnormal going on inside. She's been to a farrier and got hot shawd just to be certain her shoes were a perfect fit, and a saddle was made just for her so that it was the right fit for her, and has been tryed in every type of bit we could think of.We have her in a happy mouth cheek piece saffle at the min. I don't think iv left anything out. Bascially am at my wits end, I don't know what to do with her. Since coming back in from the field I tryed re breaking her very very gently, taking an extra few weeks just to make sure nothing was rushed. (I think she was very badly broke when my friend got her) I know some of you are maybe going to be thinking its just how she was rode but I really don't think its that, my friend and I would both me very "gentle" but still firm riders, we wouldnt let a horse take the p in other words, but always remembering to reward when its needed, we both have years of experience in jumping and flatwork, we both used to be riding instructors, neither of us would use a whip/spurs unless needed, and wouldnt right in a "over the top" bit and leave a horse with a sore/hsrd mouth, She was also left with some of the trainers I mentioned for a few weeks each, and these men would be some of the top riders in Ireland, so they really do know what there doing and they couldnt cure her...

Bascially I just want to know has anyone else had these kind of horsey problems and have managed to tame the beast?? The mare was left out to "chill" for a year hoping she would settle, but she's just as bad.. please someone help, any advice/tips on how you would deal with this naughty mare will be greatly appreciated!!
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    01-09-2012, 04:24 PM
I am nowhere near experienced enough to try to give you advice, but my question to you is: are you willing to risk your life for this horse? I know I'm wading into testy waters here, but if you, as an experienced horseperson, and even top trainers she's been to, all don't know how to handle or fix her, are you going to keep her around? I know if I were in your situation, even with the experience, I would not be willing to put my life in danger for a horse that even top riders in the country can't work with.

Good luck with her. I hope somebody has some real advice for you.
    01-09-2012, 04:45 PM
My opinion is probably going to get me flayed. However, I think some horses, like people and other animals, are just not mentally sound. They're not sound from birth and nothing will make them sound. Maybe she is one of them.
    01-09-2012, 05:09 PM
Super Moderator
If top trainers have been unable to affect a change, it sounds rather hopeless for you. And dangerous. Personally, rearing scares the bejeesus out of me.
I have no advice except to listen to your inner voice regarding her and if you think she is too dangerous, she is.
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    01-09-2012, 06:07 PM
Aw is she a handful now, Iv been ask to get her going with the plan to sell her to someone brave lol, I took her hunting a few years ago an she was amazing (we wernt hunting anything, it was one of them smell trail things for the dogs) so she could maybe get sold for that. See the problem is she has her moments were she is just amazing and she could be a top horse and you think are we mad selling her, but the bad outway the good unfortunatley.
I was wondering does anyone know about a hormonal treatment that you can give to very hot tempered horses,I think its a powder stuff you add to their feed..? its meant to take the "edge" of, but iv been told that it can afect there fertility if used for a long period. So I was thinking would worth a go for a very short trail period? Our vet very lightly touched on the subject a few years ago so I don't know much about the stuff, so if you know of this type of treatment let me know, good or bad, Id rather know
    01-09-2012, 06:29 PM
Green Broke
I don't thnk I'd be worrying about her fertility at the moment. Is she worse than when you rode her years ago?
    01-09-2012, 06:47 PM
Well, its hard to say, she was always an awkward horse to work around. It started of with just been grumpy, and she just got gradually worse over the years, she's 8 now, was broke as a 4 yr old. When she started messing about that's when I started to help my mate with her and we tryed to nip the rearing in the bud as soon as it started, she could go a month and be perfect and wed think aw its worked and then shed just have this outburst of everything at the one time, to be honest I think she's away with the farries! (nutts in other words), but see if she gets sold in her present state youd get buger-all for her and itd be a sin, she cost quite alot and has had alot spent on her, now am not in any dream world about getting a huge price but youd like to get something for her. So for the next few weeks am going to do my best to get her ready for someone that has loads of time to get stuck into her
    01-09-2012, 07:02 PM
Green Broke
Sounds like a sad situation. Maybe one of those hormone things would hlep her,wishing you the best.
    01-09-2012, 07:04 PM
My opinion - there are far too many talented, handsome and good tempered horses out there, to bother with the psychotic ones. They cost exactly the same to keep, and you get so much more pleasure out of a sane one.
I am not willing to risk my life on a neurotic horse. I have been there, done that, with some of the ottb's I've taken, and really... it's just not worth it.

Unless the horse is of international quality which would take a professional, international rider to the top of their discipline, then my take is that it's not worth it.
    01-09-2012, 07:04 PM
I am sorry the is happening to you and your horse

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