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My Day with Parelli

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        03-04-2010, 07:09 PM
    My Day with Parelli

    This is not a bashing thread, just my experience with it. To see why, read this thread. Anyway, on with the story.

    The day started out right, we got Ice's teeth floated. I never noticed because I'd never been in his mouth, but he still has his wolf teeth which could contribute to his issue with the bit! He was however very nice to load into their trailer (they use a chute instead of free standing) and we found out he's a bit of a lightweight when it comes to sedation. Then Kristen came out, and worked with Ice for about an hour, and then incorporated me into working with him for another half hour or so. Her comments were that he has lots of emotional baggage that he seems to be clinging to, but he's definitely very smart and at least wants to try to trust us all. She basically took a lot of the stuff that I was doing (working with a respect stick, asking for good stall behavior, getting him to work on a line) and did it competantly, lol. She has worked with OTTB's before so she knows how they think and what they generally come away from the track being all about, and I liked the way that she approached things. My opinion stands that she is not a kool aid drinker, but more on that later. After we worked with my Ice, we worked with her Ice so that I could get the idea of what she was doing (and what I would be doing) without suffering my sorry horse all of my mistakes, lol. Then she worked with her new mare, proclaiming that I would probably get farther with Ice than she would with her girl by the end of next week. We'll see how that goes. XD.

    We hung out for most of the day, we brought some horses in for dinner and I further practiced handling techniques. Then she had a couple of older students (I mean in their late fifties, early sixties) come out for a Parelli lesson, and that's where it got interesting. These two were obviously a well-meaning couple, they'd bought a horse (named Brumby) and were trying to do the best by him by taking up natural horsemanship methods. They were kool-aid drinkers. Within ten minutes of being on the property, they were pushing Parelli on the BO, suggesting we turn the barn into a "Parelli barn", and proclaiming that our resident wild and disobediant girl (she actually broke through a fence to get to the horse we were working with) just needed some Parelli in her life. I left about halfway through their observation lesson, because the sun was setting and I was freezing my fingers off, and the womans chatter about Parelli was getting to be a little bit bothersome. However, all in all my day was very nice. Mostly I just have to work on timing my releases. I'm a prefectionist, I want it done, not "trys" I have to break away from that! I also have to go back to trusting him more than he trusts me so that I can get some of it back eventually. Starting next week, Ice is going to go out with her two horses (Ice and a mare I can't remember, lol) and he's going to get socialization lessons, which is going to branch out into day and night turnout, thus getting him out of his stall and maybe out of his "bad place" too.

    Other than spending almost 700 dollars, my day was just peachy! Kudos to those who read xD
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        03-04-2010, 08:33 PM
    Sounds like a very good day ! Im sure all of your training and hard work will pay off for you and your horse =]
        03-05-2010, 08:27 AM
    I think that anyone that claims that one way to train horse is the absolute way for every horse is drinking kool-aid. I tend to believe that you can't make every horse fit into one way of training. My trainer gave me a list of famous trainers the day we met. It was actually pretty neat, she said, "You are about to begin doing something unlike anything you have ever done before, and it is going to be much harder than you think it will be right now." (training my first horse) She proceeded to tell me that under no circumstance did she want me to do everything the way one trainer does it, even her. She said the best thing to do is examine yourself, examine your horse, and use common sense to pick and choose from all the trainers what methodology will work for you and your horse, something that in the end you can call your own. So I ended up reading tons of books and picking and choosing what I wanted to try with her. So I have a mish-mash of ideas, exercises, and general ways of thinking from all trainers. I've noticed alot of narrow-mindedness in this aspect from people that train horses, especially Parellites! Lol. Parelli seemed awesome when I first encountered him, I was new to it, a bit afraid of my horse, and all I wanted to do was be my horse's very best friend and be offensive in her training. I think it's a shame that trainers make all these dvd's to get you thinking we can be molded into something just like them the more dvd's, rope halters, and carrot sticks we buy. I can't be parelli, or CA, and my horse is not a carbon copy of the horses they use in their books or dvds! I'd definitely keep going to all your classes and learn as much as you can about this way of training, but keep an open mind, and you'll retain the ability to say "no this doesn't work for me, or no this doesn't work for my horse". Or vice-versa.

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