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Natural Horsemanship and Groundwork

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    03-08-2008, 08:48 PM
Natural Horsemanship and Groundwork

Hey everyone,
Sorry to be posting a ton of post all of the sudden, however I have a few questions.
For all of you who do natural horsemanship - I am at a new barn where I feel I can do a lot of N.H, and definitely want to take advantage of that. What are some exercises/games I can do? The round pen is wet, so I can't use that at the moment. Also, I know how to do join up. Please tell me step by step, also, if your kind enough to explain.
Also, I want to know some ground work exercises. The pony I'm working with can sometimes pull me around when it comes to food, and latey has little respect for me. I want to gain his respect and trust more.
Thank you so much.
I will probaly feel like a noob to all of this, but my old barn was a competition barn and felt like I did little/no natural horsemanship or ground work. Thank you.
(Oh, and I have access to a huge arena, ground pen [in the near future], trails, and a lot of space to work with the horse)
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    03-08-2008, 11:11 PM
Hey, well I watched the videos for the first level of parelli (sp?) but anyways there are several games for ground work and respect.
One game that I really like is called the porkeypine game.
Sooo ima try to explain it but you might have to ask questions...
Ok. You would usually use a carrot stick but you can just use your finger or mabe the end of a crop. You slightly touch a part on the horses body ex, on their side where your leg would go to que them to move away from pressure ... you softely touch the horses hair with the crop, if there is no responce then you go to touching the skin (a little harder) if no responce then go to the muscle ( a little harder) and if still no responce then go to the bone (even harder) until you get a responce from the horse. Hair, skin, muscle, and bone are just different levels of how hard you are pusing into the horse with the crop . As soon as the horse moves away, even just a little release. You can keep doing this on different parts of the body until they respond to the "hair" touch, which is barely touching them. Hope that helped!
    03-08-2008, 11:13 PM
That looks like a good site that explains it wayyy better than me. Lol
    03-12-2008, 09:42 PM
I'll add that when you are pressing, don't let up. You press harder if they don't move but don't stop pressing until they do move, then release immediately. Don't give up, it may take a bit of pressure and time. I had one horse that was particularly stubborn, it took forever to move. He turned out to be one of the most sensitive horses I've ever owned. :)

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