Need help with a 4 yr old gelding who's decided to no longer pay attention..advice?

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Need help with a 4 yr old gelding who's decided to no longer pay attention..advice?

This is a discussion on Need help with a 4 yr old gelding who's decided to no longer pay attention..advice? within the Horse Training forums, part of the Training Horses category
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    06-27-2012, 05:06 PM
Need help with a 4 yr old gelding who's decided to no longer pay attention..advice?

I've been working for some folks for about 5 years now. They have no knowledge of how to care or ride their own horses therefore they hired me to take them on trail rides etc. 2 years ago they brought me a 3 year old dun...great potential and sweet disposition, however now he's turned into a tail chassin brat and is refusing to give me his attention outside of the round pen.
He has also become alarmingly hard mouthed for how young he is...its frustration... example: he'll take the bit in his teeth and turn and go refusing to listen to leg ques riening and even the basic plow riening.
He has also given me bouts of refusal for any sort of movement he wont back up and for a good five min one day wouldn't give me his head but firmly planted his feet and clamped down on the bit.
My problem is I was brought a horse with great potentional and forced to put individuals of no experience on him for. Therefore they're scared of him because he does step out and covers ground they constantly yank on his mouth frustrating him...
I'd like to tell my boss to buy some "dead head" horses that are content with ploddin along head to butt behind one another however, my boss is an individual of pride and commadity.
Now, after bringing this horse of quality in and allowing inexpierienced riders on him because I have no chioce i'm left with trying to regain his manners daily.
I've taken the dun back to ground training in a round pen and i'm realizing the he is bored and also so am I...he knows what he's doin and responds accordingly in the round pen however when we are outside of the pen I lose his attention.
We've gone over "backing" since a few days ago he literally denied me any ground....but i'm sensing in him that its not that he doesnt remember its the fact he doesnt want to listen.
He wants to go back to his buddies or most irritating wants to run back to the one mare in the group. I've asked for my boss to get rid of her seein as she crippled herself last year and can't be riden anymore but they wont listen and also don't understand that geldings have a tendency to get plain stupid around mares...
What can I do....i know i;m fighting a losing battle because come to find out when i;m not around the kids of said boss come down and basically destroy any work i'm trying to accomplish.
Basically he's not paying attention to me outside the pen and losses all sense of manners after exiting the pen also. He's frustrated after having his mouth constanly yanked on and is way too heavy handed for his age. Its be become so bad i've had to put a curb bit in his mouth because its the only thing that will get a response and I don't need him bolting with riders. I don't like curb bits they're far too harsh in my opinion and especially at 4-5 years old. I work with snaffles but he wont respond to them. And he hates riening and i've exhausted myself goin over overly exaggerated ques...

What can I do to get his attention outside the pen? Any other ideas for reiening? I don't want him to get sour and bored .... we're both frustrated and bout wore out with eachother. Advice please!
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    06-27-2012, 05:27 PM
Clinton Anderson, Gaining Respect!
    06-29-2012, 02:52 PM
Success!!!! Just needed insentive. And more patience on my part.
    06-29-2012, 10:16 PM
Good that you've found a solution.

Too bad you can't get a brain transplant for the owner.
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    06-30-2012, 04:50 PM
Green Broke
This horse has no respect for you. And does not see you as of any consequence in his world.

You need to send this horse to a trainer, as I don't think you have any idea of what to do with him, as it appears he is a tougher horse all the way around, and those can be problematic.

And too, he may be a good example of "Horse was so sweet as a 2/3 year old, and now that he is 4/5 he is a completely different horse", which is common. They can change a great deal in those 2 years or so.

And honestly? I'd find someone else to work for/with, as this is no win situation here.
    07-03-2012, 06:10 PM
Um, did nobody bother to read the post? Idiots are messing with a young horse. Of course the thing is going to be acting up. It's a defense mechanism.
Well, OP, guess what? You can't fix this. Any work you do is going to be messed up by the owner and his family. Someone should have persueded him to get a horse more suited to his abilities. If he wasn't an idiot, he would have realized that himself. Since he did not, he's an idiot. I really wouldn't want to work for an idiot, especially since he could damage your reputation. If anyone asks about his horses, he'll mention that you train them, and when they see how the horse acts with the guy, they'll think you're a quack.
Personally, I'd dump those people. You aren't going to get anywhere with the horse. And why would you want to? The guy is just going to haul on his face as soon as your done, which will be much less stressful to the horse if he just develops a hard mouth.
    07-19-2012, 12:12 PM
Thanx for the comments I agree entirely i'm fighting and uphill battle. But i'm also getting paid to basically baby sit but i'm close to throwin in the towel just last week I walked into my tack room and had head stalls that had been completely disasembled cinches and straps twisted and several broken riens....kinda hopin someone falls on ther head when i'm not there maybe they'll wake up.
As for the horse he's lazy and one comment was right I walk into the pen and we look at eachothe like whos going to be boss today. I'm too hard headed to quit and he's learning this. I was reading an article bout sensitizing and desensitizing...brought alot back to me gave me some ideas...his mouth...for 4/5 is beyond desensitized, strongly thinking of bringin in a "bosal" to avoid pressure in his mouth but to gain control of his head again. But I have come a ways with him since last I was logged in.
Alot of good input, several of which i'm already aware but good to be reminded.
    07-19-2012, 01:33 PM
No advice but repeat that what has been offered in your other thread, leave, find somewhere else to work.
    07-19-2012, 04:19 PM
You were hired to TRAIN the owners horses. If you had a respectful nice horse brought to you and now he is bratty, disrespectful and hardmouthed, you think you have NO responsibility for that? I have also read your other thread, FYi, and your lack of respect floors me. Perhaps the horse gets it from you and your attitude.

I have a friend who hires folks to care for and work his horses also, actually for his daughter, who travels and shows some of them, and he is also "in times square" and I suppose some would call him a "tourist" at times when he is at one of his homes. Noone GAVE him anything. He came by it by WORKING for it, and would find himself a new employee if he was aware of his "trainer"(groom seems more like it)disrespecting him or his family like this on the internet. Sounds to me like you need a new career.
    07-19-2012, 09:31 PM
I think that if I had been training a horse for two years and getting paid for it, he would probably be getting close to ready to ride nicely now..........
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