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Need some help!

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        09-07-2008, 07:05 AM
    Need some help!

    I've got this horse she's 2 1/2 years old she giving me some trouble. She is sweet, gentle and very cute. She isn't trained and I'm trying to train her but she is giving me some trouble. I've done all the ground rules and she is quite bomb proof. She stands still while I pick up her hoofs and I can climb on her and play around her and she does nothing. Now I said I can climb on her but that is where the trouble starts. She lets me sit on her while she eats and when she stands, but as soon as we want her to move she throws me. She's bucked me off twice already and its not because she is scared. I can do anything I want on her back she does nothing just when we want her to move she throws me. I'm getting a little frustrated and I'm tired of her nonsense not to mention my sore butt.
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        09-07-2008, 07:26 AM
    Unfortunately, your mare has learnt a very, very bad thing. She's learnt 'If you want to get out of work, all you have to do is buck the rider off'. This is an extremely hard habit to break and can only be done by experienced trainers. Don't ride her anymore as you'll only reinforce this behaviour even more. Get an experienced rider/trainer to work with her. Hopefully they can fix the problem.

    I've broken in two horses and they have both gone through a pigrooting/humping stage where they try to get out of work by removing the rider. This is where you have to be very skilled to be sure it doesn't turn into full on bucking because it if does, the horse is guaranteed to win and learn a really bad lesson.

    If you don't mind me asking, how much experience have you had with starting/breaking in horses?
        09-07-2008, 08:10 AM
    Horsecrazy, you never mentioned to steps you took to get her to the point where you got on her so it's impossible to tell what went wrong in her training.

    The steps you needed to take would have been to start her in a round pen teaching her to walk, trot, and whoa by verbal commands. Next would have been to introduce her to the saddle and then work her with the saddle. This teaches her the feel for what is to come and help her get acclimated to it. Next is the bridle with a mild snaffle for a bit and no reins. I would then work her on long lines attached to the bit and run through the stirrups. You will teach her direction by the use of her head and the feel for all the tack you have on her. She should know all the gaits verbally by now and how to back up.

    This all takes time, not just one day. Take it slow and she will develop trust in you. A horse can be ridden for 25 to 30 years (if properly cared for) so don't rush her training. Once she is working well with the long lines, then it's time to clime on board. Once up, just sit there and let her go where she wants and at her own pace. Let her learn balance. After a while you can slowly introduce some directional control with your reins and leg.

    Those are the very basics. It's not a good idea just to clime on her. You are teaching her bad habits. It is especially wrong to clime on her while she is eating.

    You sound like you may be relatively new to horses or at least to young ones and your frustration can easilly be transmitted to your horse. As Sempre suggested, it may be best to get some professional help to get you going so that you don't create problems that will need to be corrected instead of getting it right the first time.

    Good luck with your horse and welcome to the forum.
        09-07-2008, 04:03 PM
    I've always said that I can "fine tune" a horse to what I want it to be and do but I will never say I'm a trainer!! Biggest thing is your Mare might very well be "bomb proof" but if you can't even ride her (when you want too) then whats the point of having her. My opinion ~ get a well professional trainer to continue her with the basics of riding & then maybe if your willing & comfortable enough "fine tune" her to your likes. But more so get a trainer. (Listen ~ I like to do a lot of stuff on my own but that is one thing that I wouldn't want to mess with.) I'd want a professional doing it!! Someone that knows WAAAY more then I do & is willing ot get their "butt" broken!

    Good luck in any root that you choose!
        09-08-2008, 02:35 AM
    I tend to agree with browneyedgirl. I have never trained a horse on my own (although I have been tempted to attempt and train my gelding for the experience). I am letting a professional trainer who has had 25 yrs exp train my boy. I want him to know all the basics and then take lessons with him to fine tune him. I just want it done the right way so he does not learn any bad habits as a result of my inexperience. He is like a clean slate and I want him to be perfect ( or at least close to it).
        09-08-2008, 06:55 AM
    Are you doing it just by yourself or someone try to lead her? When I started both mine (and I started bareback) I asked my mom to lead them. As long as they were pretty comfortable with me getting on bareback I introduced them to the saddle (which was a bronco show first time for my qh trying to buck the saddle off :) ). Another issue to consider are you sure she's not in pain, so moving doesn't hurt her?

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