New horse, building rider confidence

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New horse, building rider confidence

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        04-25-2014, 11:49 PM
    New horse, building rider confidence

    I just started leasing a 16hh 8yr old Arab. For the past couple of weeks we have been working on ground manners and lunging. At the beginning of this week I got on for the first time. He was only fully started last year so he is very green. We have gotten walking around the arena with direction changes but he does have a habit of tossing his head so I have no control. We started trotting on the lunge line today but if he tosses his head I get nervous and tense.

    I think I get nervous because I've ridden the same horse for the past 11 years and have gotten used to my mmares slow trot and canter. My mare is a 21yr old 15.1hh quarter/arab. How do I ditch the nerves so I can progress in his training?
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        04-25-2014, 11:56 PM
    You're getting nervous because you're worrying about what might go wrong -- what could happen -- what's happened to other people -- what have you.

    Knock that off! It sounds hard to do, but when you tense up and "brace" anywhere (which you are doing when you get nervous), you know it translates to your horse. In his case, creating bad habits early on in his training.

    You "started trotting on the lunge line." Is there someone with you? If you're scared of his more animated trot... You're just freaking yourself out. Like driving the speed limit in a pick-up all your life. Then you get in a car, low-set to the ground, and the speed limit feels like you're flying! Once again, psyching yourself out.

    This is what I did.... Deep breath. Short trot. Everything's okay. Relax. Elongate the time I spend trotting... Curious to see what other members suggest.
        04-26-2014, 12:14 AM
    I rode one horse for 13 years, trusted him 100%....then I bought a 7 month old and brought him up myself until I took him to a trainer at 4 for in saddle training. He came along nicely and I started taking lessons with the trainer. Sometimes the trainer would ride him for 20 mins or so before I rode. I was nervous at first, but I'm at the point that I just got on my big girl pants and just said ... we are doing it. He has tested a few times, and with what I have learned from the trainer I'm able to deal with the situations. I take regular lessons still, and have come a long way as a rider. I just said the other day that I'm willing to "go the distance" with him without thinking of the "what if's" and I know that my horse knows it now. I don't think of the what ifs anymore, I just ride and deal with situations as they arise. Determination and courage is needed and once you are in the saddle your horse needs to know you are in charge, you feel it, you know it and they will too. Just do it!

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