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Not a whole lotta stop..... Need help

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        05-27-2008, 03:42 PM
    I just bought a full cheek snaffle and I switched my horse to it from a tom thumb. OMG...he took off with me and when we tried to stop...well lets just say that he wouldnt. So I put the tom thumb back on him. I don't care for tom thumbs either but he listens better with it the the full cheek snaffle. My aunt told me to use a mylar. So im going to try that bit.
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        05-27-2008, 04:16 PM
    Super Moderator
    Is this new horse the walking horse or is it the QH? Curious, because if it's a walking horse you'll want a walking horse bit...?

    I think you need to do alot of small circles and alot of whoas. Start out doing tiny walk circles and lots of whoas, move on to small trot circles and lots of whoas, he'll start anticipating the stop, he'll slow down and listen more.... curiosu what type of horse he is?
        05-27-2008, 04:25 PM
    This is my new QH - Toby

        05-27-2008, 04:28 PM
    Super Moderator
    Lots of little circles and whoas. I wouldnt even canter until he starts understanding the whoa. You could try a slow twist, remember a bit is only as harsh as the hands holding the reigns. I would just circle, serpantine, and whoa... walk/trot only until he remembers how to stop.........
        05-27-2008, 04:36 PM
    I'm not trying to be mean, but it doesn't sound like it's a bit problem, it sounds like it's a training problem. Most lesson horses don't have a lot of finesse (because all kids do is pull and haul on their mouths), but regardless, what you are describing is a training issue.
    Put him in a snaffle (doesn't have to be a full-cheek... I usually use full-cheeks for baby's only, but no harm done!) and teach him to CORRECTLY give to bit pressure, and neck rein ALL the time, not just 'when he wants to'. Going to a bigger bit to get more control doesn't mean it's a bit problem, it means the horse doesn't respect a rider until there is physical pain involved--ie, he isn't trained well. It's also the reason why he doesn't stop. You say, 'whoa!' and he says, 'not unless you make me'.
    Good luck!
        05-28-2008, 09:04 AM
    Very true about it being a training problem. I didnt even think of it that way. He used to be a parade/event horse before the guy sold him and a "ranch" bought him and used him as a lesson horse. I am guessing that they soured him some from all the different people on him pulling him in god knows what direction.

    I will work with him on the ground and do the little circles under saddle.
        05-28-2008, 09:50 AM
    I'm sure you'll work it out. If he's sour, just the simple act of going back to one rider should help a lot. You're fortunate to get a horse with such a varied history, I think once you get an understanding you're going to have a lot of fun with him :)

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