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OK, I have a good laugh for all.

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        04-06-2007, 09:34 AM
    You can trian a horse to pee on command. Just whistle in the barn when they pee, eventually when you whistle they will pee. It is really helpful at a show for a horse that only pees in sawdust. If they can't find a place to pee they will dance and be really bad. My horse will pee before I take him out of his stall so he won't have to go while we are riding. Also I would think pooping on command would be possible, all you would have to do would be something like whistling while you pee, such as ring a bell for them to poop.

    My horse also only poops and pees in the back of his stall. You can get them to do this by moving everything to the back of their stall during the day. If they poop in the middle of their stall move it to the back. Eventually they will learn the poop goes in the back of the stall.
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        04-10-2007, 04:55 PM
    I think that the Lipizzaner stallions summer in vt ( I think I herd that once) ........as for a horse going to the bathroom, when I was a kid and at ridding camp they had a horse that was trained to go to the bathroom out side, yes it was a pain in the butt to walk a horse every night before lights out but every kid fought for that weekley care of that horse.....lol.... you only had to feed it....although I almost got a job in ma once where the owner of the farmette required that the pastures be rake out every day after use....
        04-12-2007, 01:28 AM
    You can train a horse to pee/poop on command (or not to as the case may be.) My daughter works for Mounted Patrol (The horses you see at the mall etc patrolling the area for security)(and my son worked there too until he went into the AirForce.) We have several horses that are, in fact, "potty trained" This is how you do it. (it is similar to potty training a dog) It starts out that the rider is in fact the one "trained". :) You take them to a certain area every hour or so. When you "catch" them doing the right thing, they get praised a lot and get a treat. (alfalfa cube or something) When you take them you say something along the lines of "go potty". You continue this for a couple of weeks and they usually get the hang of it. We have a 19 y/o gelding who has been working Mounted Patrol for about 4 years now. He is SO potty trained that he WON'T go with a rider on him unless told it's ok to do so. Several times I have ridden him and he'll start "dancing around" and I'll say "What is WRONG with him!?!?" (I forget sometimes)My daughter will laugh and say, "he has to go potty, tell him it's ok."

    The reason they are potty trained is that people don't like stepping in horse poo when leaving the mall on their way back to their cars. If the horses aren't trained, then the rider must dismount and "clean up" after the horse.

    As for the other stuff, I'd have to see it to believe it.

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